January 22, 2021

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ZX Files

ZX Files is a part of Vyzion Radio Worldwide this was put together by our staff to use the Internet as an informative platform. Our primary mission is to keep the general populous informed on the latest Dj equipment, Music, Entertainment, Movies, Electronics and zx filesSoftware. And every day; we dedicate ourselves to bringing forward new, and exciting articles; hot off the press, that features various topics.


he ZX Files takes you too the edge of entertainment, keeping the reader aware of all the changes and upcoming releases; and up to date on Vzyion Radio special events and promotions.

The ZX Files and Vyzion Radio want to make this your 1 stop station for all information, artist, web designing, advertisement, promotion and music in world. Got Movies? Because we do! The ZX Files brings you the news of the hottest releases and the rumors of new releases and what actors are being considered for the rolls.

DJ Equipment is covered! The ZX Files will let you know the up to date best software or hardware to get and where to purchase it. With the music the ZX Files will give their top 10 songs of the week every Friday based on what we play here on Vyzion Radio form all of our Dj’s. Electronics because we all use and love them so much the ZX Files will be giving you up to date details on all the new cell phones, pads and anything else on the market that is from a tech stand point. Now entertainment the ZX Files will bring you info on a weekly bases about people, places and things going on in the entertainment industry which sometimes may be controversial but we will bring it to you as real as we can with no sugar coating. We want you to be informed but it will be done in a professional, respectful and clean way. The ZX Files will run 1 article everyday a week unless a hot story needs to be ran otherwise and in this order as follows.

Monday – Electronics


Wednesday – Dj Equipment and Software etc….

Thursday – Movies

Friday – Music

Check for the ZX Files tomorrow brought to by Vyzion Radio worldwide and Dj-ZX

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