April 17, 2024

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Vyzion Radio DJ’s are a group of professional DJ’s with a wide range of finesse and style that are ready for hire for any event. The Vyzion Radio DJ ‘s are elite and have a wide range of experience and years of training in turntablism.

Booking a DJ with Vyzion Radio is simple and easy. Just fill in the booking form below and we will email your itinerary and payment details. Please don’t forget you have to submit the payment for your reservation in 24 hours after submitting the booking form.

Our job is to keep you on the cutting edge with the latest in music covering all styles worldwide. With over a 150 DJ-Bookingsyears of Dj’ing between us we are not to be messed with this is why we are The Elite. The reason we are called ELITE is because we stand above the rest and we all strive for excellence 24/7/365. Our promise to our fans is that we will keep providing you with the best in quality music and remixes. We would like to thank our fans and listeners for all your faith and support in us.

Vyzion expects to be a top leader in the Internet Radio market, but what makes them so unique is that the station is comprised of over 40 of the best DJ’s from all over the world spanning from Dubai, India, UK, Canada, NYC, Charlotte, Raleigh, LA, Atlanta and the list goes on. The global reach that Vyzion Internet Radio has is phenomenal. Vyzion runs a 24/7 Top40 playlist and it is essentially a party that never stops. Most of the new listeners converted to Vyzion because they are tired of listening to the same songs that they local stations are playing over and over again. Vyzion Internet Radio is better because they provide something new and fresh everyday.

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Vyzion Internet Radio spins worldwide and national Dj mixes 24/7. So the party never stops! From the car the office the gym or your home you can listen to Vyzion radio anywhere. Vyzion Internet Radio is comprised of an international team that is delivering the best of live radio and Internet Radio. We offer free IPhone and Droid Apps Contact us at 704-240-8939

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