September 30, 2020

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Models From Vyzion Social Media Take Over Internet Radio

Models From Vyzion Social Media Take Over The Internet

. Vyzion Internet Radio is heard all over the world as well as having television access.  Vyzion Internet Radio is adding a new division, which no other international radio station has ever done. We want to "Vinyla"make history, and make a new way for up coming models.  Vyzion Internet Radio has come up with the idea of an International Modeling Team.  “Vyzion Social Media Models”   which will be dealing heavy within international radio. Vyzion social media models will give models of all ages a chance to make a break through   in the modeling and radio industry. With the international exposure, you will have more access verses a model that is working with an agency, or may have to find work on your own. We don’t want to limit you and tell you what you can’t do, we want to help you!

The model Industry has spooked models for so long with the notions that you have to be a certain age, height, and weight. Vyzion Internet Radio wants to prove the modeling industry wrong, by offering better opportunity. When the industry said “you don’t have what it takes to make it” and turn you away, Vyzion Internet Radio said “you got what it takes”.  Vyzion social media models enable you to get to work and show off your talent. As well as offering the proper education you will need on the in’s and out’s of the model industry. We work closely with a host of runway coaches, designer, stylist, make-up artist, image consultants, and photographers to build your image and get where you need to be professionally.   Vyzion social media models will also be hosting along side with Radio personnel on daily radio talk shows.

Vyzion Internet Radio will not discriminate. Vyzion Social Media Models will be models of all ages, race and size. We are looking for editorial, commercial, catalog, fitness and plus size.  Along with models that have bright personalities with great communication skills.

Vyzion Internet Radio strongly believes that we can make a change in radio and the modeling industry. We are all about networking and helping people grow. As a model, you will not be able to find beginning access like this.  For many models, it takes years to be seen and get results from all your hard work. Vyzion social media models have all the access that you will need. Vyzion Internet Radio is committed to making a change in your future! Models, you don’t want to miss a chance of a life time to be apart of a great movement Vssss Up!

If you are interested please contact us at gbailey@vyzion-ent.com

Vyzion Internet Radio spins worldwide and national Dj mixes 24/7. So the party never stops! From the car, the office, the gym, or your home, you can listen to Vyzion radio anywhere. Vyzion Internet Radio is comprised of an international team that is delivering the best of entertainment, music, and news. We offer free IPhone and Droid Apps Contact us at 1-800-957-9650.

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“Without vision there is no direction.  With Vyzion there IS direction”


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