March 06, 2021

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The Best Kept Secret

What’s up my “young” people?! No matter if you are young, look young, feel young, or are the young at heart, Dj Ty, aka Mr. HipHopNC has something for you!   Dj Ty and Vyzion Radio wants to take this time to introduce to you the newest show on Vyzion Internet Radio titled “The Best Kept Secrets”.



Why call it “The Best Kept Secret”? Because the name speaks for itself! Through his years of dj’ing Dj Ty has seen so many independent artists whom have not received the credit they are due for their material, because of their lack of knowledge of the music industry. On this show, ‘”The Best Kept Secret” Dj Ty will bring to you, people from the professional side of the music industry to elaborate on and educate you on the things you need to know, such as getting copywriting, registering your music with BDS, media-based royalties and much, much more! These are just some of the simple, yet important things you should do before taking your material to radio stations or to a label. That ‘quick listen’ could end up being very costly to you and your career.


Other features on “The Best Kept Secret” are one-on-one interviews with up and coming artist that are already “doing their thing on the music scene.” Each week there will be a guest DJ showing off their talent and putting music back where it originated, back in the hand of the DJ and not some programmed playlist!


To submit your radio ready single, please go to vyzionradio.com.  Go to the “Artist Submission” tab and fill out the fields.


DJ Ty is one of North Carolinas premiere DJ’s and can be considered Mr. HipHopNC dominating the Raleigh Nightlife. He has a strong passion to put NC on the map a one of the best spots in the world for great entertainment and music. DJ Ty is on a course to change the Raleigh Nightlife scene with his great personality and musical Dj’ing skills. DJ Ty is a diamond in the rough that many local Radio stations in the Carolina’s overlooked, but Vyzion Internet Radio didn’t and is proud to have DJ Ty as part of the Vyzion World DJ Domination Team.


DJ Ty is now one of Vyzion Internet Radio’s elite DJs’ spinning and providing hip-hop, R&B, top 40, old school and more on the playlist. His Dj’ing career has already been epic and now he will be sky rocketing to the top with Vyzion Internet Radio.


So, as you can see, Dj Ty and Vyzion Radio has a lot to offer and we are ready to show it to the world! Tell your friends and even your enemies.  The Best Kept Secret is OUT!



For Dj Ty, aka Mr. HipHopNC’s full EPK and booking information, please visit vyzionradio.com.

Vyzion Radio is to deliver entertainment that excites and fulfills the thirst for the masses. Vyzion Radio is comprised of a highly talented and confident team that is putting forth an industrious effort endeavoring to provide the entertainment marketplace with something that is unique, invigorating and satisfying. With the amalgamation of multimedia presentations that utilizes audio, pictures, and videos, we have a special niche in the entertainment industry. This effort will influentially make an indelible impact in the world of interactive media. Vyzion Internet Radio has a number of National and International elite Dj’s who all love music and consider music their life and passion. For more information on booking a Vyzion Internet Radio Dj, please contact sbailey@vyzionradio.com or go to vyzionradio.com  For more information on Vyzion Radio, each Dj’s full EPK, downloading your Iphone or Droid app please go to vyzionradio.com. You can also go to your Market Place on your smartphone and search for “Vyzion Radio” to get your free mobile phone app.


“Without vision there is no direction” With Vyzion, there IS direction”


(Vyzion is pronounce as vision)

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