October 03, 2023

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Tennessee State University Shooting Leaves One Dead

TSU Shooting

Tennessee State University is the site of yet another fatal shooting in which one person was killed and it left three people injured.  According to authorities the incident happened around 10:50 PM and was started over in an argument in a dice game.  The 19-year-old male that was killed was involved in the dice game argument, and there were three innocent female students passing by were innocently shot when the incident happened.  According to authorities both men exchanged gunfire, which ended in one being fatally killed

According to the University spokesperson Kelli Sharpie, the gunman and deceased victim are not believed to be enrolled at Tennessee State University.  Fox news sources reported that as of Friday morning , one innocent victim has been released from the hospital while the other is in ‘stable condition’.  Authorities have reported that the suspect is still at large and flee the scene of this horrific crime on foot.

This terrible incident takes place almost exactly a week at the three people were injured in a off campus party across the street from the Tennessee State University campus.  Authorities have obtain some footage of the shooting and are asking that if anyone has any information about the shooting that they come forward to help with the investigation and capture of the suspected shooter.

Tennessee State University aka TSU is located in Nashville, Tennessee , and is the only state-funded historically black university in the state of Tennessee.  The University is the member school of of the third Marshall school fund.  Some of the notable alumni members are Oprah Winfrey, Glenda Glover, Wilma Rudolph,  Bobby Jones and many others.


In the wake of all the political talk of gun control laws and reform this incident will most likely be one that will help fuel the debate.  Tell us what you think?

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