October 20, 2020

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Stress Relief Tactics

Stress what is it and why do we have such a difficult time with worry and stress?  Why is it day in and day out we are Stress On Dynamite Showing Pressure Of Worktypically, for the most of us, stressed out?  There are so many variables in life that have a tendency to create turmoil in our everyday lives.  These variables contribute to change in our behavior, perception and the ways we treat other people.  There are Type A and Type B personalities in which Type A have a tendency to have higher levels of anxiety which increase stress factors.  Stress could come from your employer, finances, health, family situation just to name a few.  Now that all of the things you are stressing about have been brought to the forefront of your mind lets discuss a few ways in which to relieve yourself of the heavy burden you may be carrying.


    1. Epsom Salt Bath. There are so many benefits to taking a warm bath right?  Well add in some epsom salt with a hint of lavender and you are not only relieving stress via relaxation of a warm bath but you are also treating yourself to an increase of energy, detoxification, adding to the warm bath it also aids in muscle relaxation and it contains Magnesium.  Magnesium is an essential element for the human body and most of us lack a sufficient level.  Ladies, when you crave chocolate, it is indicative of a magnesium deficit! Interesting right?  What do you crave during PMS?  For the majority of women, its chocolate which means it also aids in PMS symptoms.  Magnesium will also help you with a headache, heart problems, arthritis, fatigue, and so many more!  Don’t hesitate to take yourself a 20 minute bath with so many benefits! The best part? Its inexpensive (you can find epsom lavender bags at the dollar tree and yes use one whole bag during your bath!).


    1. Thought Pattern. A proven psychological therapy named cognitive behavioral therapy suggests that if you make a conscious effort to change negative thoughts, which is no easy task especially for Type A personalities, will change your behaviors in addition to your perception of life.  It is true that what the mind believes it surely can achieve! While soaking in your epsom bath think about what has made you stress for that day.  Are these things that you are able to change?  I don’t mean, yes I can change it as soon as something happens in the future because thats not now.  If you CAN change it, then change it.  If you can’t why are you allowing it to decrease your ability to enjoy life today?


  1. Write a list. Get a journal or something of the like.  Put the date.  Write down your worries for one month.  In 3 or even 6 months go back and look at your list.  Cross off the things that really dont have an impact on your current situation.  It is rather interesting to think back on past stressors and find that your survival rate for bad days is 100%.  Chances are you realize they weren’t that big of a deal anyways and you missed a good portion of time stressing about things in which you could have spent the time enjoying life and all of its preciousness.



Most of us believe life is composed of events.  Either by our own choices or by circumstance.  Truth is life is more about attitude than situation.  Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of our attitude about it which goes back to the cognitive behavioral therapy.  We only get one life to live and there are no do-overs.  Don’t waste time stressing about things you have no control over.  It is past time to start living, most just merely exist but the truth is, you’ll never make it out alive anyways!


Yours truly,


Amanda Renee Doyle, BSQP


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