December 01, 2020

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Spin Live Weekly Re-launch 2012

"SLW Logo"SpinLiveWeekly, www.spinliveweekly.com, is proud to announce its official partnership with Vyzion Radio, vyzionradio.com. SpinLiveWeekly will be starting 2012 with a new format in accordance with Vyzion Radio’s nationwide and international status.  SpinLiveWeekly has been providing content for Vyzion Radio for the better part of 2011 and will continue to do so more closely with stories on entertainment, local and world news. SpinLiveWeekly is an internet entertainment magazine which was originally launched in January 2010.  In 2009, two entrepreneurs, Damon Pinckney and Marcus Merritt both hailing from the southern part of New Jersey, put their resources together and collaborated on their idea of creating an internet magazine.  This is how SpinLiveWeekly was born.  The original idea for the internet magazine was to cover entertainment news.  In this regard, Pinckney and Merritt focused on movie news, music news, television news, and general showbiz news.  Throughout 2010, Pinckney and Merritt went through trial and error to get SpinLiveWeekly running smoothly on a weekly basis.  By the spring of 2011, with the magazine continually putting out quality entertainment content on a weekly basis, SpinLiveWeekly started catching the eye of Vyzion Radio.   At this time, SpinLiveWeekly began sharing news stories with Vyzion Radio as well as SpinLiveWeekly journalists supplying other content for Vyzion Radio and Vyzion Business Development Services, www.vyzion-bds.com.  During the fall of 2011, Pinckney and Merritt decided to do something quite innovative with SpinLiveWeekly and change their format to cover Indie material.  Being an indie magazine, SpinLiveWeekly now covered the local independent artist nationwide.  SpinLiveWeekly was now publishing creative stories involving independent musicians, artist, actors and film makers, as well as events held in the independent community.  Even though SpinLiveWeekly was an indie magazine, Pinckney and Merritt still had their writing team supply Vyzion Radio with content involving mainstream music and world news stories.   Vyzion Radio, vyzionradio.com, first broadcasted in February 2011 as a new and innovative broadcasting entity to Internet Radio. 

 Showcasing a worldwide cadre of disc jockeys entitled the Vyzion Elite DJ’s, Vyzion Radio reflects the expansive and varied interests of the international social community.  Vyzion Radio’s co-owners Greg Bailey and Eric Bostic focus the internet station towards promoting their DJ’s as they contribute to the 24/7 mix format.  With the ability to be heard around the world, Vyzion Radio is an interactive intimate broadcast service.  Using photos or graphics, texts and links, message boards and chat rooms, and various social networks allows the listener to do more than just listen and would certainly be an excellent place for new artist to be showcased.   Vyzion Radio can be accessed on your computer, vyzionradio.com, iPhones, iPads, iPods and Androids. Together with Vyzion Radio, SpinLiveWeekly is broadening its scope of content.  SpinLiveWeekly will re-launch the site to cover national and international stories regarding entertainment and news.  With this new format, SpinLiveWeekly can use the same elements used in the past to make SpinLiveWeekly a success plus some new added elements as well.  SpinLiveWeekly will still cover entertainment news on both mainstream and indie levels.  SpinLiveWeekly will also cover other news stories of interest on a local, national and international level.  SpinLiveWeekly and Vyzion Radio will also share links to both on their web sites. Please wish SpinLiveWeekly, www.spinliveweekly.com, and Vyzion Radio, vyzionradio.com, much success on this exciting union of two great companies.

 — Spin Live Weekly

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