January 26, 2021

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Rihanna- Walking Around Half Naked Doesn't Make You Sexy

I couldn’t stand it. What is Rihanna http://www.theprovince.com/entertainment/Rihanna+blasts+over+racial+slur/5897668/story.html thinking? She is half naked, smoking doing drugs and everything. But wait, I was truly disgusted with the part where she "rihanna"threw up ribbons. I actually don’t know if that was better than the real thing. Then Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad had a Chris Brown look alike. But wait, he was not even as nice looking at Chris Brown. She could have done better in choice. 

Now I understand why the farmer kicked Rihanna off his farm. She went topless on his field. Can you say no class? When are they going to start regulating these videos? They are not movies. There were shots of her butt and her crotch. She sat in from of the camera with her legs spread wide with shorts on that might as well be panties. I was shocked. It’s like Rihanna’s videos are getting worst. 

So I guess this new video is supposed to show what Rihanna and Chris Brown went through. I hope not. But Rihanna seems to be going over the edge to me. I am hoping that all her videos are an illusion or an act. I hope Rihanna is not like this in real life. I had to put my daughter out of the room while I watched the video. They try to sell Rihanna to a younger audience but she should be X-rated. I am so disappointed in this Bad Girl. She doesn’t have to live up to that title. But I guess as long as she is talked about then it’s good for her career. I think this is so sad. There was nothing good or exciting about the new video. Every video that she has been putting out lately has been dark and sexual. Ever since her album Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna seems used up to me. Walking around half naked don’t make you sexy. Pretending to use drugs or smoke or drink (which I don’t think she is pretending) is not sexy.

But as long as the public is blind to what’s in front of their eyes, then Rihanna will continue to put out trash and our children will continue to grow up believing that what she is doing is ok. Prime example, the little 14 year old girl named Amber Cole that everyone is talking about, thought it was ok to give a boy head in public on camera. In Rihanna’s video S&M she sucks on a banana. See what I am saying. Do people really believe that these kids are not watching these videos and thinking its ok? They think it is ok! I don’t even know why I even looked at the video. But my cohost Pam B talked about it so I had to see for myself and was not happy. There need to be guidelines and warnings on these videos. They are worse than regular TV shows. Make videos like Rihanna’s 18 and older and parents watch your children…

Ms Luvly

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