January 26, 2021

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Bash Artist Day – Rick Ross

Bash Artist Day… Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kanye, Lady Gaga, Meek Mills, Rihanna, Beyonce


Ok, so today I was looking high and low, in and out trying to find something interesting to write about. I actually had writers block. So I decided to do something to push a few buttons. Let Ms Luvly "Rick Ross"really out of the bag just for one day. So I figured once a month I would give her free rein.Today is that day. So today is “BASH ARTIST DAY!” I guess there were a few things I wanted to get off my chest, so here goes…


Lil Wayne… Where is the talent? I really want to know. There was never anything intriguing about him to me since he was 16 and still to this day I am not impressed. I never understand anything that he says and he always sounds high. But everyone seems to be in love with him. Every song that he does or features on sounds the same. Now he thinks he’s a rock star. SMH (Shaking my head). Wezzy get it together…


Rick Ross… What can I not say? I don’t appreciate the shirt coming off. It churns my stomach. If you are not going to take all of that money that you make and get some lipo, tummy tuck or a personal trainer than please keep the shirt on. What’s up with all the rayon jackets? I think they went out of style in the early 90’s. Some things just are not meant for men to wear no matter what they say. I think you and Kanye might have been hanging out.


Kanye… I really don’t want to bash you. I actually like you but you have been acting a little strange for a while now. I’ll pray for your soul…


Lady Gaga… I don’t really think I like her. She showed up out of nowhere with the strangest look ever. I don’t enjoy any of her music. I won’t even let my child listen to her. There is something about this artist that isn’t right. I mean, who actually wears a meat costume in public. I know she had tons of flies on her. Come on, delivered to an award show in an egg? What’s next, is she going to simulate her birth on a stage at a concert? I feel like she has her audience under a spell. Not good. I feel nothing but down fall and scandal from her. I have already written about a few. I just gave her a break. But there is more.


Meek Mills… Now I am from Philly born and raised. I try to enjoy Philly talent. But Soul is where it is here in Philly. But to me I think Meek has no real talent and I think his voice is annoying. I actually had a discussion today about him and artists in Philly are so proud that he got signed, but he has been on two labels in the past year. Is that good? I just don’t see him having longevity. If Rick Ross is handling his business like his manager Diddy then Meek has no chance. To me Meek still sounds like every other Philly artist. I have heard better and he does not represent Philly.


Rihanna… Stop being so… freaky! I miss the beautiful artist that originally came out of Def Jam. Now she is overly sexual in all of her videos. One video she even went as far as sucking a banana (I did write about that) and other videos she is half dressed. I want the old Rihanna back. You don’t have to do all that to get love. I feel like she lost all respect for herself as a woman. The industry makes the artist do the craziest things for money.


Last but not least…


Beyonce… Girl, I love you to death, I really do, but your songs are so dry. I am not even sure if you are pop or R&B. I love “Who Run the World” and “Count Down” and “Move Your Body” but everything else I have heard is so dry. I don’t want a song to grow on me. I want to like it from the beginning. Plus you are following Rihanna’s lead by half dressing. You do it with a little more class but you are getting more naked. And what’s up with the wigs. They are getting more blonde every time you are seen. I think you are losing the ethnic side of you. (No offense) But this is how I really feel. Beyonce is no longer a black woman. If she starts getting plastic surgery she will follow in Michael Jackson’s footsteps. She is almost there with the fainting fans.


So this ends the Bash Artist Day. Take care…


Ms Luvly–


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