February 22, 2024

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DJ CapitolK ReCAP Show

DJ CapitolK is excited to announce his new Talk Show on Vyzion Radio titled “The ReCAP!”.

DJ CapitolK will feature interviews and exclusives from some of the most influential DJs, Indie and Major Artists in the world of music. It’s dj CapitolK ReCAPimportant that the ReCAP Show gives a voice to the DJ, to give a valid perspective to music lovers and Pop Culture itself. The DJs are the backbone of the Music Industry. Nothing moves if records do not get played. There is also an art to DJing as well that deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated for its form of musicianship. DJ CapitolK connects with these DJs to get inside the DJ Booth to discuss the technical side of what takes place and get inside their brain to bring out the politics and the passion. On the ReCAP Show, we want to show love to “The DJs” that have and are still making an impact in todays’ world of music.

Breaking new music and new artist with our “Indie Spotlight”. Artist and producers from all genres of music with music that deserve to be heard. DJ CapitolK has met and witnessed some very powerful recording artists with originality and presence that you need to know about. DJ CapitolK is bringing the Indie Artists to you and breaking new music from the East Coast, West Coast and Worldwide.

DJ CapitolK will also be covering Music Countdowns from the 100 Artist, Entertainment News (Drama Free), New CD Releases from Major labels and artists, Pro Audio/Gear Reviews from the top brands and new products that change the way that music is played. Also last but certainly not least; my personal “Jewel of The Day” to our listeners for motivation and inspiration.

Be sure to tune-in to the ReCAP Show with DJ CapitolK every Wednesday at 1am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm. You can listen live at vyzionradio.com or from the free iphone or android app!

If you are interested in being interviewed on The ReCAP Show with DJ CapitolK, please fill out the contact form with your information and a representative will be with you shortly. CONTACT US

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