September 25, 2020

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Raleigh Nightlife DJ Xtreme1 Joins Vyzion Radio

Raleigh Nightlife DJ Extreme1 Joins Vyzion Radio

. Raleigh Nightlife Dj Xtreme1 in 1978 I found myself surrounded by family members who were musicians or singers. Most of them into gospel music. I found myself listening to groups like "Raleigh Nightlife"kraftwerk, chic, the Jacksons Etc. As years passed and the more I got into music I began to experiment on my father’s stereo player. Breaking many needles and scratching many records.

In the mid 80’s myself Dj Boo 808 and Dj A-Nice formed together and created a group called the universal fanatics. Doing parties at schools, community outings and a number of major clubs in the area.
After graduating we all branched out for different career moves but maintained our love for music. I moved away in 1992 to Roanoke VA where I started my own production company. After learning the production side of the business and deciding it was time to relocate.

I moved to Raleigh in 1999, opened a recording studio for local artist. 2001 hooked up with mike blayz who introduced me to Def Jam international coordinator (k-stone) who I began to produce tracks for her group.
2002 I was introduced to Dj Skazz (Big Daddy kanes Dj) who was very influential to me getting back on the club seen. Same year I started dj-ing at the end zone doing parties for Bike clubs, Album release parties and after parties for different area events such as women’s empowerment,

Raleigh Nightlife

and the CIAA tournament.

  • 2006 started doing industry night with blayznangels media group and dj-ing at different clubs, Karocoes, reds, the big apple, and black ties.
  • 2008 I was asked to do the ruckus basketball tournament for the boys and girls club in Durham NC.
  • 2009 I met the owner of Casanova and privileges clothing store, I was asked to come and do jams in his stores, which by me doing this lead me to other different venues from charlotte, Atlanta, VA, md, SC all the way to Las Vegas rocking different theme parties.
  • 2010 keeping in touch with Dj Boo 808 and A – nice, I was introduced to red dragon by dj boo and we begin to put different venues together. As time went on and many meetings we have decided to take the universal fanatics full circle and reach out to others in different communities.

DJ Xtreme1 & The Universal Fanatics more than anything would want to be remembered for helping to bring back a balance to all music and laying down a foundation to inspire creativity from within the individual.
2012 still a top Dj and producing one of the hottest young groups out in NC and

Raleigh Nightlife

, get ready for the CYPHER!

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Raleigh Nightlife

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Raleigh Nightlife

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