June 17, 2019

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Pursia Purr Joins Vyzion Radio Elite Model Team

Pursia Purr is my name and Im representing the chilly North. Not only with Beauty and Brains but strength as Pursia Pur 5well.

In school I loved English. I use to love writing essays, poems and stories. Even contemplated writing a book but I think that’ll be a future goal.

I’d like to start off letting you get to know a bit about me. Im an artist at heart and specialize in Airbrush Painting. There was a point in my previous employment where I worked on cars and motorcycles. I spent 3 years working in body shops fixing cars and bikes. I was Pursia Purr the hottie ripping off your bumper, doors, fenders and hoods, sanding and priming out dents. I went from a collision shop to a custom bike shop where I became the head painter. You’d find me spending most my time even weekends in the Paint Booth laying basecoats and clear on bike parts, tanks, cars, anything. I was more focused on my art and airbrushing at that stage in life. Modelling was a hobby on the side. As much as I loved the shop and my crew at the time I had to move on and start a new journey. I get bored easily and my creative spirit had to soar. I needed to become self-employed. I also started thinking about my health and how I could be taking things further in my modelling career, so I dived in to Fitness. It was love at first lift.

I went to school and earned my certification to become a Personal Trainer. At this point in life my time consists of custom airbrushing, modeling and hitting the gym hard. I took a break from Training Clients to focus more on my modelling career. To keep my airbrushing in my life I took a unique approach to combine all my passions. You can now find me live on Cam Airbrushing and creating art. Sometimes you’ll even catch me creating art Topless. Something about the freedom of being nude…I must be a nudist! When Im not there, Im at the gym working off that extra energy. I like to stay busy. I’m Hard working with a touch of class and ass hahaha that’s Pursia Purr in a nutshell…..free-spirit, artist, a writer, optimistic, dreamer, believer, Aquarius, a true friend, loving, caring, professional, classy, fun, tough-ass model.

When it comes to modelling, its a dream that has thrived in me since I was a little girl. Capturing pictures with sassy poses and toothless smiles. I am anxious to continue meeting many talented photographers, assisting them in bringing images from imagination to reality, and becoming a part of the art that inspired my insatiable desire to create.

My goal as Pursia Purr and a model is to continue to be published and have fun with it. My queen role models would have to be Pam Anderson and Marilyn Monroe. My secret talents include yoga and pole fitness. Yes, Pursia Purr can shake and stretch it with the best of them!

I have an awesome Website in the making but not yet completed. Stay in touch for when it goes Live! www.Pursia-Purr.com

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