January 20, 2020

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Philly Boy Kidd Chron Releases Hit New Track

Kidd Chron grew up in The North Philadelphia area, I started rapping around the age 13 as far as I can remember

. I wasnt automatically blown away with music it was more of poetry that i really was intrigued by. I "Kidd Chron"use to write short stories about young love, and the things that was surrounding my neighborhood. My mother whom til this day I adore had some bad habits she couldnt quite kick and led to us living with my Aunt in Germantown. There I met my cousin Antwanne (bones) who was into music and knew a little bit more about the game of the industry. Showed me the music formats as far as writing a song in bars etc. Thats when I really got into the music business or thought I wanted to be in it. I guess you can call this a practice stage I was just trying to complete a full song.

I found myself meeting up with a high school buddy named Seifuddin (Seipha) a rapper himself he was in the local Seiphas in school and freestyled pretty, well at that time I was just coming into my own as an artist. My name back then was a little more underground I went by the name Chroniclez. Because I wrote raps in the form of stories. We tried to form a group called nu- era. We were kinda similar in style but for some odd reason it didnt work. Something didnt quite mesh. So we went our separate ways but still friends today. I developed myself lyrically just listening to artist like Nas, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z ,Outkast, Warren G, LL Cool J. etc. So I found myself performing on all sorts of venues from The Rotunda ,Club Fluid, Club Rain, Liacouras Center, Mill Creek Tavern, and so on. Now working with Producers like Larry Dixon of Society Park, Mike Jerz of Highly Educated music. Creating music that best explains my story and feelings as best I see fit. Ive worked around lots of artist from the most famous ones in Philadelphia to some of the not so famous ones. But in my opinon just as talented. So to ensure you get the best out of me and my music follow me on twitter,facebook,or instagram etc. Im sure to be on your radio station soon stay tuned.

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