June 27, 2019

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Paris Hilton Self Claims Herself TOP 5 Best DJ In the World

Paris Hilton claimed that she is one of the worlds best top 5 DJ’s and also stated that she is one of the highest paid.

paris hilton dj brazilParis Hilton dropped that announcement at LAX after she returned from her trip in Moscow. She was asked if her new occupation in the electronic dance music world was paying off and she stated. ”
I’m one of the top 5 in the world”

According to sources she is making close to $100k and $350k per hour when she DJs. So it is possible that she could be one of the top money makers as for skills that may be another story. Many real DJ’s contribute her DJ success to her already established celebrity status and wealth that she already had before becoming a so called DJ.

Paris Hilton could probably make that type of money a night from just doing a guest appearance and would not need to hold the title of DJ. This claim by Paris Hilton could cause a huge back lash from the DJ’s across the world that have been DJ’ing for years and for a living. DJ’ing is a skill set that is rare and not everyone can do it right but today’s technology is making it easier for anyone to do it.

The Vyzion Radio DJ’s would beg to differ with her as the best in the world and have issued Paris a DJ battle invitation. Vyzion Radio houses some of the world best skilled DJ’s in the world and would destroy Paris with its female DJ squad. There is a huge difference between pushing play on a IPOD and real DJing. Paris Hilton should probably stick with being pretty and partying.


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