April 12, 2021

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Pandora Getting Beat

Competing with Pandora

“Without direction there is NO vision. With Vyzion there IS direction.”
Vyzion Radio, is a new and innovative broadcasting entity infiltrates Internet Radio: Vyzion Radio. This dynamic and sure to be
"Pandora"a success type of radio broadcasting offers something that the public has not been exposed to on a worldwide basis. Vyzion Radio features 24 x 7 regular broadcast that airs music and entertainment that reflects the expansive and varied interests of the international social community, Featuring the Vyzion Elite Dj’s From around the Globe.

With Vyzion Radio, one is afforded the ability of listening to a radio station irrespective of the location. With its cutting edge technology, Vyzion Radio will be streamed live and can be heard in any part of the world, whether you are at work, home, or on the road.  Vyzion Radio will be rolling out Andriod and iPhone/Ipad applications with sights on Google TV. The relationship between advertisers and consumers becomes more interactive and intimate with the Vyzion Radio broadcasts, as a result of the accompaniment of photos or graphics, text and links, message boards, and chat rooms. Our Internet radio station allows the listener to do more than listen.

Vyzion Radio will provide a design in which much diversity will be offered through this dynamic streaming format. The listener will enjoy and be captivated by wide range of entertaining talent. The following is a list of what is going to be offered by Vyzion Radio:

  • Various types of music will be played throughout the day.
  • There will also be timeslots that up-and-coming artists will be able to showcase their talents through Vyzion Radio.
  • Full interviews will be given regarding the artist and contact information.
  • DJ competitions
  • Artist competitions
  • Commercials will be interesting and limited
  • Specific time slots for Vyzion artists
  • Specific time slots for countdown of top eight hits of the day

All of the above will be run by The Vyzion Elite Dj’s Wordlwide. The Vyzion Elite DJ crew has 100 DJs spinning the hottest Club Music, each with their own style of today’s hottest hip-hop, R&B, reggae, reggaeton, house, dance, Top 40 and mashups. The hottest remixes, mashups, and party breaks are also produced by the crew members.

Vyzion Radio endeavors to broadcast a format that is new and fresh to the world of internet radio. This dynamic server is giving an enriching exchange between the listener, artists, producers, DJs, and commercial concerns. Vyzion Radio is here to stay and making tremendous inroads in field of entertainment and music. Tune in today and experience the excitement! Come Join The Online Party https://vyzionradio.com/

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