June 17, 2019

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Olivia Moore Joins Vyzion Radio Elite Models

Olivia Moore is a 24, a US Navy Veteran, and a mommy born in Tampa Florida, lived in Virginia beach, traveled 16

Liv Moore 3
Liv Moore 3

different countries, moved back here to Florida. Olivia Moore is an entrepreneur, designer, MUA, editor and Model. She is the official Social Media networking editor and recruiter for US INK MAGAZINE and has been a full time model for 2 years, modeling professionally now for 5 years. She has been published in several magazines such as Total Ink Mag, US INK mag, Sweet Inked Mag and more..

Olivia Moore has been featured on INKED Mag, Sullen Angels, love tattoo, Ink Junkeyz and more major tattoo pages. She has been in the top 5 running for cover for sweet inked’s summer june issue. Just recently Olivia Moore worked with Reason clothing in New York, Local Brand here in Florida, Sweet Inked Magazine, Dianka Designs Bikini line, US INK Mag, and Plank Eye Wear in California and recently just got with INK ADDICT and their clothing line. Olivia Moore is Lanching her tattoo clothing line called “LIVVIL” on June 29th! also she will be featured in an online auto racing game this summer as a celebrity guest driver you can race 🙂

Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/livmooreofficial

Facebook personal: www.facebook.com/livmargarita

Instagram: www.instagram.com/viiaamor

Twitter: @viiaamor

Email: livmooreofficial@gmail.com

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