April 12, 2021

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Nomatter Gava-Hudson MS Mother Charged With Stabbing Child

MS Mother Charged With Stabbing Child

Nomatter Gava-Hudson a 26 year old mother faces attempted murder charges and is accused of stabbing her three-year-old child in Gulfport, Mississippi in the abdomen

Authorities arrested Nomatter Gava-Hudson and she is facing one attempted murder charge. At least one witness stated that he helped try MS Mother Charged With Stabbing Childto help the child. The witness stated that “there was blanket there and that he laid him down and started using CLS on him more like a modified version of it to try to take care of him”.

The police stated that they found the child after responding to a call about a stabbing. Authorities said that the father’s child screamed for help after the stabbing. According to Sgt. Damon McDonald “ They don’t have any further information that led to the stabbing whether it was an argument or anything like that”. He stated that they only know that the stabbing did occur. He stated that they did speak to the father on scene.

Gulfport Police officers arrested Nomatter Gava-Hudson, of Biloxi, on Tuesday on a charge of attempted murder. She’s being held in the Harrison County Adult Detention Facility in lieu of $1 million bond. It was unknown if she has an attorney. Authorities would not say whether the child was a boy or girl.

There were no details released about Nomatter Gava-Hudson mental health or if there was any indication of domestic violence prior to the child being stabbed. No information at this time has been release concerning the child’s health. We can only assume and hope that the child is alive and is doing well. The accused mother so far with information provided has had no prior history of criminal history.

Please see the attached video for more information

Post source : Associated Press

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