March 05, 2021

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New York City Welcomes Vyzion Radio to its Entertainment Circle

New York City welcomes DJ Frankie C and Vyzion Internet Radio the Hottest Internet Radio Station to its Entertainment Circle.

Vyzion Internet Radio is one of the premier internet radio stations in the world that is quickly moving their way up to number one. So naturally when they needed a new program director they looked no further than one of their own station DJ’s to fill the position. Frank Corona, better known to Vyzion Internet Radio listeners as DJ Frankie C. Frank Corona was born in Cuba and raised in New York City where he was introduced to DJ-ing at an early age and has never stopped loving what he does. In his early years, he became friends with Crazy Legs from the Rock Steady Crew and helped promote large events using his DJ-ing skills. Through Crazy Legs he one day had an opportunity to go to Afrika Bambaataa’s house where, instead of furniture, he saw nothing but DJ equipment and milk crates of vinyl wall to wall in each room. Today he balances life by being a family man, running his own mobile DJ company, New  York City’s Best DJ’s, and, of course, his new title of Vyzion Internet Radio Program Director. Recently, I got an opportunity to talk with DJ Frankie C  about Vyzion Internet Radio’s future and his perspective on his new position.

SLW: How did you start your path as program director?

DJ Frankie C:  I became a DJ for the station and while working with Vyzion I gave alot of positive suggestions and they approached me and stated that they needed a Progarm Director that could take the station to another level. I guess I was in the right place at they right time and I immediately jumped at the oppurtunity.

SLW: How long have you been a DJ?
DJ Frankie C: I’ve been DJing for over 20 years.

SLW: What are your biggest influences? Who influenced you the most to set you  where you are now?
DJ Frankie C: DJ RedAlert, DJ Afrika Bambaataa, as well as a host of other DJ’s. My favorite DJ now I would have to say is DJ Spinbad; I would say I try to keep  my style similar to his.

SLW: So you’ve been a New Yorker your whole life?
DJ Frankie C: Yes. B
eing in New York City allowed be to surrounded by some great sounds from back in the day.


SLW: Where do you see the industry going in 10 years?
DJ Frankie C: The music, to be honest, has changed a lot even DJ-ing has changed a tremendous amount. When I began DJ-ing the only thing that existed where two turntables and vinyl records where you would have to carry crates of records to the party . Now it’s become more digital and you just have to bring your laptop to a club and basically with all the programs you can store 10,000 songs in your laptop or hard drive where back then you would carry ten crates of records. As far as DJ-ing it has gotten easier. You’ll notice that there’s more DJs out there and they’re not considered very good DJs (laugh) they’re actually iPod DJs, people are playing parties off an iPod. Also, back then you had to count the minutes yourself using a stopwatch to count the beats of a song now there’s computer programs that actually count in it for you; hell, nowadays they even mix it for you. DJ-ing itself has come a long way and I see now the way of the future is computerized and I guess it’s getting better in some sense but being an old school guy I still like the old school style.

SLW: If we jumped in your car right now what would be on your cd player?

DJ Frankie C: From my cd player you would have a large selection. Anywhere from Latin, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton to Old School Hip Hop,  New School Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, and Dance. Everything, I like everything, and that’s what makes me a unique DJ because I mix all those genres together. I just won’t make you a Hip Hop cd; I’ll make you a Hip Hop cd with a Latin beat, with a Rock beat that’s why I like DJ Spinbad because that’s kind of his style too.

SLW: What was the hardest mix you ever tried to do?
Frankie C: Nowadays the beats are actually computerized and when I try to take an old school record, let’s say Good Times because back in the day those songs were actual real live bands producing those beats, so now if you try to mix it with one of the songs from today you’ll notice that it’s offbeat. So I would have to say mixing an old school with the new is one of the hardest just because the beat comes right off and you have to keep up with it.

SLW: Let’s talk about Vyzion Internet Radio. You have a lot of good things coming up with Vyzion. Why don’t you tell me what is the future for Vyzion Radio?

Frankie C: Well the future for Vyzion Internet Radio, the way I see it, is we want to actually branch out into different genres of online radio stations. We might come up with a country station, Latin station, or a rock station. We want to actually branch out into live radio. The competition will find it really hard to keep up. You can say that we are Pandora on steriods, but better because we have real DJ’s that have a passion for what they do and thats to move the crowd with the best mixes. We are a rare breed in that we are a true people’s station.

SLW: How soon do you think the branching out is going to happen, is it the very
near future?
Frankie C: The very near future, we hope. Once we have the station where we want it; we will start over and keep re-inventing ourselves to continously improve the station. We’re always going to to improve by never saying “ok we’re satisfied or we’re done” . Hopefully when the right time comes and once when we have our sponsors in place we can branch out quickly in the online radio and live radio market. We are in the process of doing business with companies like Coke, Pepsi, CD Baby, Heineken and McDonalds. We have some of the best DJ’s in the world so why not work with the biggest and best companies.

SLW: Since this is your first time as program director for online radio, what are you learning about the position?

Frankie C: Well the job is almost like when you’re DJ-ing to a group of people in a club. Now I’m DJ-ing to the world. I take different DJ mixes and determine what will be good for the day time and night time crowds. It’s basically I’m DJ-ing for the world when I’m selecting mixes and deciding where the DJ’s should go in the playlist line up. Our DJ’s are all different and unique in their own way so they have different styles and I want to give the people, the online radio listeners something that everyone can enjoy.

SLW: What have you learned that you didn’t know going into this live radio job?

DJ Frankie C: The biggest challenge is selecting the online radio DJ’s to actually become a part of the Vyzion Internet Radio. There are a lot of bedroom DJ’s that may think they are good enough to be on the station and I have to actually listen to the mixes before selecting them. If you’re not Vyzion  Internet Radio material I’m not going to put you on the station. Your mixes have to be on point and we have to feel the energy flow. The mix has to be a banger in order for me to play it on Vyzion Radio. Your transition has to be clean, the scratching has to be on beat and rhythmic; it can’t just be cut in. That to me has to be the biggest challenge I have with selecting good online radio DJ’s.

SLW: What’s next for you? What’s the main goal you want to accomplish in your career?

DJ Frankie C: To be honest I still love what I do. I’m a DJ at heart so I’m still going to continue to provide my mixes on Vyzion Internet Radio. I believe in leading by example. I’m going to continue to DJ in clubs and continue my own mobile DJ service. I’m Just doing what I love. I going to keep Vyzion Radio on the top spot in being the number one radio station in the world and once we accomplish that we’re going to continue to do more!!!

SLW: What’s your biggest fault?

DJ Frankie C: I’m a perfectionist. I’m not satisfied with just being good. Excellence is what I live for. This is why our online radio station will be the best of the best.

SLW: What do you think is the next big thing in the music and for online radio / live radio industry?

DJ Frankie C: I would say it’s going to continue to come back around. Hip Hop will fade away a little bit and will come back again. That’s why you see alot of artists doing collaborations with a Pop and Hiphop mixture. The same way Run DMC and Aerosmith did it with “Walk This Way”. I think it will basically be the same thing where you’ll see more artists collaborating and it will be a bigger mash up of music .  

SLW: What does Vyzion Internet Radio have to offer the independent artist?

DJ Frankie C: We’re going to come out with a show where independent artists will get a chance to get airplay, kind of like an artist showcase,  New and upcoming artists will get a chance to display their talents and the listeners will get a chance to decide if they go on to the next round which would be the next week and we hope to have that come out very soon. This is something that the local radio stations are afraid to do and thats to give new talent a chance. This sets us apart from all the traditional stations, because we always have something new to offer.

SLW: Ok, Frank, thanks so much for your time and good luck with your new position with Vyzion Internet Radio. I see much success for you in New York City with this great online radio station

Kenny Walker Jr.

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