March 29, 2023

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Top Failed New Years Resolutions


New Years resolutions are some of the hardest commencements that anyone can make. So in honor of the month of January coming to a close, here are some of the most common failed new year’s resolutions. Afterall, January is just a test month right?

1. New Years Resolution New Eating Habits; This leads the New Year’s Resolutions list. The new wave of organic and New-Years-Resolutionhealthy eating stems from most citizens wanting to prevent themselves from diseases, and bodily changes. With the lack of supply of organic foods, however, this ranks as the hardest habit to maintain. In order to help that, never beat yourself up about what you eat. Start out with one or two organic meals a week. Then allow it to evolve if you have the time to do so.

2. New Years Resolution – To fall into a habit of exercising, not necessarily to lose weight, but to adapt to a more healthy lifestyle. Exercising, which acts as a supplement to healthy eating prolongs our mobility as humans, and serves as a great mood booster. In order to try to help that habit, start out with fairly easy exercises at the gym, or just a walk. Exhausting your body will burn you out.

3. New Years Resolution – To open up more… emotionally. Although we live in an inclusive society, with the ever growing social media platforms, we also tend to be a lot more secluded.. Although social media has created a larger network at our fingertips, it has also turned us a tad bit more antisocial to intimate connections. It’s an oxymoron really. Call a few of your friends once in a while and look for a cheap outing. It helps cut down on the Social media.

4. New Years Resolution – To stop using profane language. Let’s be honest here… that’s actually impossible. We don’t have foul mouths, just passionate ones. Sorry mom. Swear Jars tend to be fairly effective if you want to look into changing that habit.

5. New Years Resolution – To spend less time on the internet. I guess I kind of tricked you into that one. Social media, streaming platforms, games, emails, etc.. takes up a large part of our free time. For the most part, our routine consists of coming home from work, turning on the tv, or search for a new show on Netflix or Hulu, scroll through Facebook and Instagram, and check our snap stories. While we may virtually take ourselves 7 or 8 places at once, we disconnect from our actual reality. A way to solve that.. Disconnect for a few days, or just don’t pay your internet bill for the month.

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