September 25, 2020

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Mr Hiphopnc Artist Showcase


The New Mr. Hiphopnc Artist Showcase Show


Mr Hiphopnc Artist Showcase
Hey, do you remember back in the day running home from school to watch BET’s http://www.bet.com/ own “Rap City?” Well guess what? Vyzion Internet Radio is pleased to introduce and announce the next new and exciting, hippest, funkiest, realist, breathtaking and craziest radio show to hit the internet’s radio air waves! Guaranteed to be a hit, “Vsss Up” is going to be the best and newest Hip Hop internet show coming to you on August 25, 2011, hosted by North Carolinas own DJ Ty aka Mr.Hiphopnc. “Vsss Up” is a MUST in today’s Hip-Hop World Generation. Research has recently shown over the past few years that hip-hop stardom has become vast and far in between due to lack of proper guidance and business education. It’s even more difficult to get a record contract; or one may have a contract but does not have proper direction. However, with the right connections, channels and proper business management, you too can be the next Lil’ Wayne or Nicki Minaj and not just a one hit wonder.


DJ Ty aka Mr.Hiphopnc has been charged with the duty of bringing forth an hour show that is fueled with energy and is guaranteed to have you craving and wanting more! Each show will have you begging with anticipation for the next show. “Vsss Up” will be showcasing and assisting with new upcoming music artists to be signed from around the world. The World of Hip-Hop has become the center of everyone’s life, focusing on inner city living, and everyday life struggles. “Vsss Up” will be serving as a source of information for the Hip-Hop and Top 40 comunities, along with breaking news in the Hip Hop world and spinning the hottest music this side of the East Coast. Produced by Vyzion Internet Radio, this new one-hour internet radio show combines entertaining and memorable personalities to create a live show where listeners will get everything related to the world of Hip-Hop and beyond.


Produced by Vyzion Internet Radio we stand firm in the mission set forth by the objectives for Vyzion Internet Radio is to deliver entertainment that excites and fulfills the thirst for the masses. Vyzion Internet Radio is comprised of a highly talented and confident team that is putting forth an industrious effort endeavoring to provide the entertainment marketplace with something that is unique, invigorating and satisfying. With the amalgamation of multimedia presentations that utilizes audio, pictures, and videos, we have a special niche in the entertainment industry. This effort will influentially make an indelible impact in the world of interactive media.


DJ Ty aka Mr.Hiphopnc is ready and fully charged to bring you all he has dreamed of for years. He has dedicated his time and is focusing on implicating, and legitimizing the vision that we have to assist our community, and entire world with our new uprising future! This show will showcase the hottest POP and Hiphop artist from all over the planet.


Please make sure that you music is radio edited and BDS coded. If it is not coded we can help you so that you can get bill board credit just like the majors do. Let Vyzion Internet Radio help you take you music career to the next level. If the local station will not play you or good music we will.


The objective for Vyzion Internet Radio is to deliver online radio that fulfills entertainment for the masses. Vyzion Internet Radio is comprised of an international team that is delivering the best of live radio and Internet Radio. We offer free IPhone and Droid Apps, Contact us at 1-800-957-9650.




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