April 13, 2024

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Mixars Realease New LTA High Torque Scratch Turntable


Mixars LTA puts a new spin on things with the LTA High Torque Scratch Turntable. MixarsDJs have some tough choices to make when shopping for a new set of Turntables. Mixars enters the world of pro audio and Introduces the LTA High Torque Scratch Turntable.

Earlier this year in January 2016 at The NAMM Show in California Mixars Introduced the LTA High Torque Scratch Turntable. The Mixars LTA has a die-cast aluminum Platter with rugged rubber finish that is great for the wear and tear that a DJ could encounter during transport to and from a mobile gig. The LTA Turntable is a Direct Drive High Torque Turntable. DJs and turntablist will like that LTA has an aluminum straight adjustable tone arm for skipless performance. There is also a conversion for the S4 tone arm if so desired. The Mixars LTA has Speeds: 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM / 332 mm dia.

Vyzion Radio Elite Dj Capitol K says “Mixars appears to have the DJs best interest in mind with its new line of pro audio gear”. The motor on the LTA Turntable has 4.5 kilograms of torque and is very responsive. It has break adjustments for “Statrt” and “Stop”. One of the main bragging points on The LTA High Torque Scratch Turntable is two “Outputs”. It has a Phono /Line Output and also an additional Output. Vyzion Radio Elite Dj Capitol K says “As a DJ can you imagine the possibilities that having two Outputs opens up?” It has been used in DJ Battle Set Ups where you can connect a Dj Mixer, The LTA Turntable and the another DJ Mixer. This configuration alone would allow 2 DJs to perform from the same Turntable. The option of two Outputs that The Mixars LTA Turntable allows all sorts of “Daisy Chain” configurations for simultaneous performances and DJ Battles as well.

Vyzion Radio Elite Dj Capitol K says “Mixars appears to be in tune with the needs of the DJ. I respect what they have done with The LTA Turntable”. Release Date for Mixars LTA

Mixars LTA  T.B.A. check with your local and online Retailers M.S.R.P $550

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