April 17, 2024

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Mix99radio| DJ Frankie C Benifits From Vyzion Radio Knowledge

Mix99radio Frank Corona / “DJ Frankie C from mix99radio

“, was born in Havana Cuba and raised in New York. He began DJ-ing at the age of 15 at a friend’s house. Soon after, he began purchasing his own equipment. Piece by piece until he had the necessary components

"Vyzion"to DJ a party. After a lot of hard practice and learning the science of beat matching and scratching. He began to DJ private parties at community centers and area high schools. As he grew in popularity and experience, he wanted to broaden his horizons and find a job at a night club but because he was still considered a minor, he had to settle as a residency DJ for roller-skating rinks and young adult dance clubs. It was not until he was of age he was able to break into the night club scene. In the mid 1980’s when break dancing was at its peak, ”DJ Frankie C” from mix99radio began to promote and DJ large events with friends from the legendary. “Rock Steady Crew”. Since then, he moved on to DJing at various night clubs as well as corporate and charity events throughout the Tri-State area. He has also made DJ guest appearances at night clubs in Miami, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

“DJ Frankie C mix99radio” is now a good position as club promoter with the help of Vyzion Internet Radio friends. Make sure you tune in and enjoy the musical ride of a lifetime with the team of Vyzion Internet Radio DJ’s…  Vyzion Internet Radio helped put his name on the map with. Now that is success.

Vyzion Radio wishes mix99radio all the best and is proud to be a part of its creation. Vyzion Radio is happy to have provided the intelectual and know how knowledge that mix99radio has to be successful. Though similar to Vyzion Radio mix99radio is different. Mix99radio is sure to be successful if  they continue to follow the Vyzion Internet Radio model. DJ Frankie had the privilege to be involved in high level meetings with the Vyzion Internet Radio partners and it is almost certain that the secret strategies will be used by mix99radio. Vyzion Internet Radio has since changed their direction and have put new rules in place to prevent a common DJ from stealing intellectual property and ideas.

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