September 22, 2017

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Marissa Martin Joins Vyzion Radio Elite Model Team

Marissa Martin is 24 years old, all natural brunette model located near Cleveland, Ohio freelance Model and Photographer chasing her dreams.

What sets Marissa Martin aside from many is that she uses her own God given Marissa Martinabilities to make her dreams happen. A few years back Marissa Martin started my own small freelance Photography business (Marissa Rosalie Photography.) Attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and invested in her own business, equipment, education and dreams. Marissa Martin believed in attending educational workshops, clubs, etc. and as she studied the art of photographing beautiful people; more and more people began to tell her that she was on the wrong side of the camera.” Marissa Martin noticed her mentors were beginning to ask me her to model wardrobes they had an idea for and somehow, accidentally she fell in love with modeling.

For so long, Marissa Martin chased others around with her camera catching their best angles, lighting, quirks and personalities through Photography. Marissa Martin never realized all those times how well she learned the art of the human body and the way a woman looks entirely different photographed from one angle versus the other. Marissa Martin began to develop a true love for the art of the human body and has an utter appreciation for it’s natural beauty. She believes in telling a story of human connection through our eyes, and the way we shape our bodies. Marissa Martin realized in time that she fell just as in love with modeling as she had always been with my photography and decided instead of picking between the two, using them to promote herself and others, network, and make business boom for both herself as a business, but herself as a icon to others as well with her modeling. Many have asked why she models the things she does. Growing up, I was always the tomboy kinda chick.

Marissa Martin loves four wheelers, skateboarding, bow hunting and doing “guy” stuff with her friends and is always her go-to. Marissa Martin had to learn how to be girly, and doing her own hair and make up for her shoots was always a struggle. Marissa Martin stated “when thinking about it.. I’m modeling “ME!” Marissa Martin also stated “I’m telling the world who Marissa Martin is because the reality is, I’ve searched 24 years for my own identity and I’m entirely proud to show the world who “I” am today”. Marissa Martin’s portfolio thus far represents the things she enjoys. My Mathews bow, work boots, my shoe collection, my love for leather jackets and all things engine run, the outdoors and so much more. I don’t have the money or lifestyle to show off designer bags, shoes and outfits but I feel it’s most like me and unique to just model, me. I model my dirty work boots and chainsaws because that’s [who I am.] I do, however dream of modeling in designer items in my future; surely it would be something great to work towards. I’d love to be a Victoria’s Secret model or Monster Energy Girl! I’m quirky, stubborn and willing to chase the world as long as I know it’ll chase behind me.”

Marissa Martin developed a love for supporting herself, financing and investing in herself and her own dreams. Marissa Martin will not stop until she can sit and say she has seen it all. In the future, Marissa Martin plans to open my own family run Photography studio in her hometown and launch her own non profit out of it. Along with that, she plans to shave her head and develop a modeling agency for cancer kids and use her studio as the home base. She has more projects, dreams and ideas then she has time or energy for but Marissa Martin always been told “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” See you at the top world, Marissa Martin might be breathing hard but you will see her at the top eventually.

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