April 17, 2024

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Marco Rubio Bows Out Suspends Election Campaign

Marco Rubio Suspends Campaign

Marco Rubio lost miserably to Donald Trump, 46% to his 27% Ted Marco Rubio Suspends CampaignCruz was lagging behind with the remaining 17%.

Marco Rubio went on record stating “It’s not God’s plan that I be president in 2016 or maybe ever and today while my campaign is suspended. The fact that I’ve even come this far, is evidence of how special America truly is and all the reason more. We must do all that we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place” during his somber speech the crowd seem to be in shock and very silent. Marco Rubio went on to take one last subtle shot at Donald Trump with a warning to the American people.

Marco Rubio stated “do not give into the frustration we can disagree public policy disagree about it vibrantly, we can disagree passionately. For we are a whole people and have every right to be hopeful for we in this nation are descendent of go-getters in our veins runs the blood of people gave it all up, but we can have a chance that they never did”.

He went on to remind people that we are all descendants of  pilgrims and slaves that overcame the horrible institution that took their claim of the dream. He also went on to remind people that we are a nation of immigrants and exiles that believed that they were destined for more. He went on to encourage everyone to remember too continue the fight and ensure that this is who we remain.

Marco Rubio gave a great exit speech, one might ask why didn’t he take this approach during his campaign run. Marco Rubio did a great job on the speech. It’s a shame that his last speech sounded the most presidential. With Marco Rubio out of the race this could open the door to a two-man presidential race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

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