March 23, 2023

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Lincoln Idol First Annual Event Artist Recap

Lincoln Idol was a huge success and put Lincolnton located in Lincoln County, North Carolina, on the map as an ideal location for a super successful singing talent competition.

The Lincoln Idol event drew in some of the best talent from all over the state of North Carolina. This was not your normal singing competition. The Lincoln Idol competition attracted talent as far away as Florida.
Pam Caudle, the program director came up with the idea of Lincoln Idol and with the help of the Lincoln Arts Council.

The planning for this huge event started almost 9 months from the date that the actual competition began. Pam Caudle came up with the Lincoln Idol 2015idea to come up with the singing competition that could rival American Idol and give local artists an opportunity to be discovered and seen.Deanna Williams, the President of the Arts Council of Lincoln County saw huge potential in the contest and immediately contacted the CEO of Vyzion Radio Greg Bailey to help assist with the multimedia and social media marketing. Greg Bailey grew up in Lincoln County and saw this is a huge opportunity to help bring the community together. Greg Bailey has an MBA in International Business and Marketing and instantly knew that this would be a major hit for Lincoln County. Greg Bailey’s partner and COO of Vyzion Radio attorney Ken Harris quickly moved to position and help market Lincoln idol not as a local event but as an international event. With the help of Vyzion Radio, the Vyzion Elite DJs and the law firm the event immediately went social media viral. This event attracted over 100 contestants from all over North Carolina and 22 had to be turned away.

The first two days of audition for grueling and it was very complicated because the talent across the board was super good. Out of 100 contestants, only 10 could make the final cut. The top 10 contestants were Felipe Marulanda , Rachael Woodward , Ana Carnes, Dylan Stamey, Sara Chatham,Matt Engle, Camryn Wilson, Valerie Cochrane, LaRhonda Carlton and Christina Eagle
Both nights of the competitions attracted a packed house. Everyone came early and no one left early. The event was filled with nonstop entertainment powered by the Vyzion Elite DJs. DJ Steven K from Charlotte, North Carolina, started Friday night off and DJ Capitol K from Atlanta, Georgia via Washington DC rocked the crowd nonstop Saturday.
What made this event so unique is that it was promoted nonstop live via Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. This phenomenal feat was accomplished by Vyzion Radio’s VP Stephanie Bailey and her social media promotional team. Vyzion Radio also bought in celebrity photographer Rick crank in from Raleigh, North Carolina. The video production pictures and social media promotions provided by Vyzion Radio made this event one-of-a-kind.

The celebrity judges were international model Leon Craig, International Gospel, senior Rebecca Burke and Super Attorney/ Vyzion Radio COO Ken Harris.

Every act that performed bought positive crowd participation and reaction. It was very close, and at one point there had to be a sing off between Matt Engle and Ana Carnes. Both had very unique different styles and the crowd went crazy over both artists, but there had to be only one selected and that selection went to Matt Ingram. Anna Carnes has a beautiful voice and style and you should hear more from her.

The second prize winner went to Camryn Wilson. Camryn totally shocked the crowd when she revealed that she was 33 years old. Camryn looks every bit of 21 years old and her vocal ability was off the charts. Camryn Wilson had a huge following in the all let it be known that they supported her.

The last performer for the Lincoln idol event was the Rhonda Carlton. Rhonda Carlton set the event on fire during the semifinals and the finals. Rhonda Carlton was the only artists that received a standing ovation on both of our performances. The Rhonda Carlton won the competition hands down and was crowned Lincoln Idol’s first annual winter. Rhonda Carlton took home the grand prize of $1500, a free recording session with the sound factory and will have a live interview on Charlotte’s WBTV in conjunction with bounce TV. Rhonda Carlton will also be working with Ken Harris and Greg Bailey from Vyzion Radio.

Lincoln Idol along with its sponsors had an all-star team that turned this into an all-star success. Pam Caudle of the Lincoln Arts Council made an official announcement that there will be a Lincoln idol 2016. If your singer or a fan of singing. Stay posted Lincoln idol 2016 will be better than 2015.

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