June 17, 2019

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Lincoln County Gets Selected – International Internet Radio Station Builds Base

Lincoln County, NC has been selected as a base of operation for Vyzion Radio. Vyzion Radio is the home of over 40 of the world’s best DJ’s and can be heard all over the planet. Lincoln County was selected because of its huge growth potential and represents the Vyzion "Lincoln County Vyzion"Radio brand. According to the Vyzion Radio CEO; “Lincoln County represents the future and it just makes sense to be here”.

Vyzion Radio will be able to assist the promotional growth of Lincoln County and the city of Lincolnton to attract new businesses and residences. The Vyzion Radio Program Director DJ Ty stated that “the world will know about Lincoln County if he has anything to do with it.” Lincoln County is a great place to live and is the perfect example of the future. The people of Lincoln County are open to new out of the box thinking and support the rapidly growing internet radio market.

Lincoln County NC will now have an extra advantage now to reach a wider audience with advertisement opportunities. The Vyzion team specializes in Search Engine Optimization and International Business.

This will allow the small businesses in in Lincoln County to have the resources readily available to help them reach a greater audience on a Global scale. Ecommerce and internet sales is a must in today’s competitive markets so local businesses can no longer just market locally. Vyzion is that experienced support team that will help get those small businesses to where they need to be.

Vyzion is now a member of the Lincoln County Chambers of Commerce and feels that the county and city leadership is next to none and will turn Lincoln County and Lincolnton into a thriving economy that will be studied for years to come.

“Without vision there is no direction.  With Vyzion, there IS direction.”

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