October 03, 2023

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Kristin Holmes Arrested |Facebook Thugging Charge

Kristin Holmes a Virginia woman was charged with Harassment by Computer for sending a harassing pitcher and message on Facebook. 26-year-old Kristin Holmes was charged with sending supposed harassing messages and pictures on her computer of her holding a gun. Kristin Holmes said she was mistaken for another woman Kristin Holmes said that she posted a message saying I’ll post a few actual pics of me so you know the difference when you come find me.


Kristin Holmes says she feels as if everyone was guilty because everyone was arguing and she admits that she was childish for posting the picture of herself holding a gun. Kristin Holmes asked what happened to freedom of speech she said it was a picture it wasn’t a threat. Kristin Holmes now faces a Class I Misdemeanor and could also get a $2500 fine and one year in jail. Kevin Carol with the fraternal order of police stated that is that you can’t use vulgar or threatening language in public then the same rules should apply for the use of a computer and it should also be against the law. Kristin Holmes went to jail because someone sent the Facebook message to the police and she was put in immediately arrested.


This story is a wake-up call and is going to be a head on collision when it comes to freedom of speech. In the meantime people really need to be careful of what the post on Facebook or other social media sites. Law enforcement is now taking harassment and threatens very seriously in and a social media joke or the wrong stroke of the key could actually get you incarcerated and in a lot of trouble.


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