September 30, 2020

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Julie Leach Wins $310 Million Dollar Michigan Lottery

Julie Leach Lotter Winner

Julie Lynch from Michigan finally hit the lucky lotto after working 23 years at Aquatic Bathware. According to Julie Leach her job Julie Leach Lotter Winnerwas at fiberglass factory and it is a nasty dirty job.

After winning the lottery it is almost certain that Julie will never have to go to the job again. When asked if she’ll go back to work. Julie Leach let the press know that she quit immediately. That statement received a lot of laughter from the audience and the press.

Julie Leach made a total investment of $20 on a quick pick at a Michigan shell gas station. At 1 AM in the morning. She decided to check her ticket and she discovered that she hit the ultimate jackpot. While on her lunch brek Julie Leach stated ”well I might as well check my numbers while I’m sitting here waiting for lunch” . That’s when she realized that she was the big winner.
Julie Lynch has been with her boyfriend for over 36 years. She was asked if he had proposed yet and she replied “I told him that he would have to sign a pre-nupt”. Julie chuckled and there was a lot of laughter, but it didn’t seem as though her boyfriend was too amuse by the comments. He sat back in the corner with a very goofy smile on his face.

Julie Leach from Michigan seems to be set for the rest of her life. Hopefully she will do the right thing with the lottery money that she is won and never have to worry about her finances, or having to work in a grimy old factory again. Now this is what you call being at the right place and buying the right ticket at the right time. Good luck Julie Leach and enjoy your new prosperous life.
For more information about this story check out the video on this post.

Post source : ABC News

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