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January 27, 2022

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Jerry Heller Accuses Suge Knight for Killing Eazy E

Eazy E killed by Suge Knight

Jerry Heller, the one time NWA manager was accused of the downfall of one of hip-hop’s greatest groups NWA because of his alleged shady business deals and management.

Jerry Heller’s bad deals were depicted in the international hit movie Straight Otta Compton. Jerry Heller was not, jerry-hellerpleased with how the movie represented him and his image. Sources say that Jerry Heller has hinted at possible legal action after he saw the movie Straight Otta Compton.

Jerry Heller went on the record with a candid interview with SMASHED and was very vocal about his displeasure with Suge Knight. Jerry Heller stated that Suge Knight played a part in Eazy E’s murder and also with the murders of Biggie Smalls and Tupac. Jerry Heller went on the record and stated “the truth was I should have let Eazy E kill Suge Knight. It’s not like anyone would have investigated it. Who do they put him in jail with? The guy that killed Tupac? Or the guy that killed Biggie Smalls? Or the guy that killed Eazy E? I should have let him do it and probably, Eazy E would still be around, and ruthless records would still be making great records.”

Jerry Heller also stated that he believed that Suge Knight injected easy E with syringe infected with HIV and asked what led Eazy E’s untimely and unexplainable death in 1995. Jerry Heller went on to say “where do you buy AIDS? CVS? I suppose Suge Knight could pay some guy or girl $10,000 for some their blood. I suppose. I don’t know. Seems far-fetched to me, but I know Suge Knight had something to do with it, just like he did with Tupac, and just like he did with Biggie Smalls, because that’s the kind of snake he is.” Jerry Keller says that he takes responsibility for underestimating Suge Knight and that is the reason why Dr. Dre left. Jerry Heller stated “I always blame Suge Knight for Dr Dre leaving me because I was not being really aware enough to think a guy like Suge Knight who was really a $70 a day bodyguard at ruthless could come between Eazy E and Dr. Dre.

Jerry Heller responded to the accusations of him being a grimy manager by saying “you can’t steal in this business. Either you have a good deal don’t. No matter what Ice Cube says, they had a great deal.” Since the release of the movie straight out of Compton more and more accusations are coming out from different parties that had different associations whether they are all true or not is still up for debate.

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