May 08, 2021

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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson and talks about Verbal Abuse…
Janet Jackson has a new book out called “True You”. In this book Janet talks about her struggle with her looks and feeling beautiful. She said that when she was younger her brothers used to tease her about her looks. Of course they were just being boys, but they didn’t realize how that effects a growing young lady. Janet said that she used to beat her head against the wall literally because she thought she was ugly.

Well for as long as I can remember Janet Jackson has been beautiful. But i truly understand the hurt of being in the shadow of older siblings. Janet said she used to look up to her older sister Rebbie. She used to wish that she was as beautiful as her sister. But she was. The taunting of her brothers recked that for a while. Older brothers will do that. I only had one so I can understand a little bit but imagine having six older brothers. But Janet Jackson grew up to be a beautiful woman. Her book “True You” is a must read to me. I think it will open a side of Janet that no one has ever seen…

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