August 10, 2020

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Independent Artist Radio Play on Vyzion Radio

Attention all artist!  In my past experience, I have seen how hard it is to get music played on the local radio stations sometimes.  Your music gets  rejected for simple but important reasons like not having your music radio edited, the song is not registered or the music is "Artist Tryout"ready but the radio station can’t play it because they don’t have an independent artist show to play it on.  For the artist that do get play, the only people who really hear your song is the people in the state that you reside.  This means you only get recognized in your own state and nowhere else.  Artists, just imagine another artist contacting you from England wanting to do a track with you or sitting in front of a record label and showing them you have a buzz in other states and other countries.

Well, Vyzion can help you with that.

Vyzion Radio is an internet based radio station that can be heard all over the world

Plus, Vyzion follows FCC guidelines. It’s time to stop thinking local and lets think worldwide, let Vyzion Radio help take your career to the next level.

Calling all rock, neosoul, latin, pop, rap, r&b, hiphop, etc we play it all.  If you are ready to get those radio spins you deserve and willing to promote yourself and the station, follow these simple steps to make it happen.

  1. All music submitted must be clean.
  2. All artists must go to facebook and join the Vyzion Radio fan page.
  3. Have your friends and fans join the Vyzion Radio fan page.  They will need to make a request with your name and title of track.  Once enough fans have requested you song and you have a buzz, Vyzion will play your single.  Remember, the more people that request your song, the longer it will stay in rotation.
  4. Promote the station.

Vyzion Radio looks forward to working with artist all over the world good luck. Use the contact form below.

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