March 29, 2023

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Your First Impression Is A Lasting Impression

My First

You’re sitting in your vehicle. I see you and I don’t know what to think. Seeing you just takes me to a different place. You have amazing eyes. Your smile is perfect and wonderful. I want to say hi, but "My First"instead I just smile and look away. I walk to my car and I admit it; I sit there a little bit longer because I just want to see you get out the car and see the rest of you. You finally get out and there is only one thing that crosses my mind…Please pull your pants up! Seriously, I waited here for this?

Ok, ok, ok – I admit it. That story is a little extreme, or is it? You may be an awesome guy or the best candidate for the job, but the fact that you are not willing to pull up your pants is just annoying! I cannot stand driving or walking around and seeing your underwear. Please understand that I am not talking about people who have clothes that are too big because they are getting back on their feet. I’m talking about these people that have the ways and means to buy clothes that fit and just refuse to do so. Seriously, how hard is it for you to find some pants that actually fit?

Whether you believe it or not, the first impression that you make on a person can possibly change how you interact that person. I cannot prove this statement, but I’ve heard it several times. You walk by your future mate before you ever “run” into them or start a conversation. Now, you have one first impression. Now, the next 6 times, you can be looking your best. However, what if that first impression is what sticks out the most and because of that, you miss out on something really special? Are you really willing to make that risk? Why take the risk?

I would really like to think that this is a phase. However, I’ve seen just as many older people doing this as much as the young people. What example are you giving when you don’t even wear your own pants where they should be? Invest in a belt or get some pants that fit!

Also, the way that the economy is today, you need to look your best. I know that you apply for many jobs online today. However, with the competition so stiff, it has also been said that you need to stop by the company that you applied for just to show face and let them know that you are interested. I’m not saying that you have to go by in a suit, but a nice pair of proper fitting slacks and shirt is not a bad idea. If you are just getting back on your feet and you only have jeans, that’s fine too, but make sure that they properly fit. Do the best that you can, just make sure that the best that you can do fit!

Long story short, if you want my first impression or the first impression of those around you to be positive, I need for you to look and act like you are trying to make a positive impression. It’s not hard. Remember, first impressions can either make you or break you. The really amazing thing about first impressions – you have the power to control them.

Shayla Em


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