September 25, 2020

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It's Better to Give Than to Receive


I feel like I need to start off with an explanation, so I am going to do just that. For those of you who do not know me, I am single, never really been a fan of Valentine’s Day, yet every gift I have ever "Valentines"received has been appreciated. I felt that I needed to clear that up before I started to sound like a bitter and angry woman. Well, that’s all the background you are going to get right now. Anything else, just ask.


I actually had to use my twitter (follow me @ShaylaMaide) for this topic today. You are going to see an array of emotions on there, but one of my last tweets of the day got me to thinking. I tweeted “Ladies, please be prepared to give your special someone something other than sex for Vday. We always want something, but never willing to give.” You are probably scratching your head over that one, but I have good reasoning behind what I am saying.


For Vday, we are always hoping for that big gift that we are wanting so bad. If it’s been a few years in a relationship, some are even hoping for that ever elusive diamond. Well, I understand that as ladies, we expect gifts from our guys. However, if we are going to have such an expecting spirit towards our guys, shouldn’t we be prepared to give as much to them?


Hear me out on this one. Yes, I understand the Vday routine: flowers, candy, other gifts, dinner, movie, sex. I know that all of that might not happen, but at least half of it does, but not necessarily in that order. The men in our lives (if we are in that part of our life) spend countless hours trying to figure out what to get us and the only thing that we give them in return is sex. I know that many men do not have a problem with that, but I cannot help but wonder if there isn’t a few that would at least like to receive a card from their mate. Also, ladies, if you have only been seeing this person for a few weeks, are you really willing to have sex anyway? Personally, I wouldn’t even trust that person enough to go there with them, so I would definitely have to have an alternate gift.


What am I saying? Ladies, even if you don’t put as much thought into the gift for your guy, at least get him something out of appreciation. Even if it is just a card, write a personal message so that he knows that he was on your mind. We are so caught up in ourselves that we forget that love still runs both ways on Vday. This day should not be used as a pass for us ladies to act like we should be catered to. In fact, if your guy is doing it right, you should be catered to every single day of the year. Honestly, you should be catering to him too. Remember, this love things goes both ways.


So, for this Vday and the rest of the year, spend the day appreciating and loving each other. If it involves sex, at least be safe. If you are in the single boat, make the best of the day and remember to love yourself. To everyone, single or taken, I hope that your Vday was great and that you were able to make it your own.


By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for some help. I want this to be your blog too! So, tell me what you want to talk about. I would like to start this next month. Whatever topic I get a lot of “votes” to talk about, that will be the topic of the month. Now, not every blog will be about that particular topic, be a lot of them will be. So, go to the actual page of my blog (http://shaylamaideistalking.blogspot.com/) to leave me a comment and I will take it from there. Think about it as your blog, just written by me. Thanks for the help!


Shayla Em



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