July 28, 2021

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GFS Investments Assists Vyzion Radio

Vyzion Internet Radio is pleased to announce their partnership with GFS Investments http://www.gfsinvestments.com/, Inc. Vyzion Internet Radio, an up and coming internet radio station that has already made strides to secure their market, partnered with GFS Investments, a leading Wall Street investment firm. 

This partnership will give Vyzion the clout to surpass Businessother internet competition such as Pandora. This fits in with GFS Investments own goal to select no more than 5 to 10 strong companies a year, so that it can work closely with them and truly help them as junior partners in achieving success. To this end, GFS seeks out companies that have outstanding management teams, attainable long-term plans and histories of proven results. As a strong company from the onset, there is no doubt why GFS Investments chose to work with Vyzion Radio.

When Vyzion Internet Radio https://vyzionradio.com/ first broadcast in February 2011 it was a new and innovative broadcasting entity to Internet Radio. With broadcast that airs music and entertainment all day every day, Vyzion Radio reflects the expansive and varied interests of the international social community. Vyzion Internet Radio’s owner Greg Bailey is focusing the station towards promoting indie artists and the ability to be heard around the world helps make Vyzion Radio an interactive, intimate broadcast service. Using photos or graphics, texts and links, message boards and chat rooms, and various social networks allow the listener to do more than just listen and would certainly be an excellent place for new artist to be showcased. Although Vyzion Radio has not been on the scene as long as Pandora, the newer internet station is already getting some comparisons with Pandora.

However, according to Greg Bailey, the plan is for Vyzion Internet Radio to surpass their internet competition, Pandora, and with the backing of GFS Investments, Inc., that is a plan to be reckoned with.

Vyzion Radio can be accessed on your computer, *vyzionradio.com*https://vyzionradio.com/, iPhones, iPads and Androids.

GFS Investments, *www.gfsinvestments.com* http://www.gfsinvestments.com/, was established in 1997. GFS Investments is an investment services corporation that provides both advisory and transactional services to help business owners develop and implement the business strategies necessary to achieve their personal and financial objectives. GFS Investments focuses on assisting and advising clients as to which funding sources may be most appropriate to their company’s needs and requirements and then helping said companies secure that funding. GFS Investments also specializes in domestic and international equity strategies and have the ability to customize their strategies to meet specific investment objectives of the company.

GFS Investments breaks their mission down into three parts. The first part is to discover promising young companies, such as Vyzion Radio, and help them grow and achieve their capitalization goals through the use of a wide variety of investment services and products, tailored to the individual needs of that company. The second part of the mission is to provide outstanding customer service. The third part of the mission is to develop lasting relationships with clients based on understanding, respect and trust.

The collaboration and partnership of Vyzion Radio, *vyzionradio.com*https://vyzionradio.com/, and GFS Investments, Inc., *www.gfsinvestments.com*http://www.gfsinvestments.com/, is a business relationship that will take the industry to another level. Let’s congratulate both companies on a bright future.


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