July 28, 2021

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Foundation is Important | If You Build It, They Will Come

Foundation is improtant If You Build It, They Will Come

I love a good foundation. I love amusements parks! If there has been one built close to my location I am going to go. I love to go out and be around other people. I was too excited when the Epicentre in Charlotte was "Build"complete because that was another place for me and my friends to hang out. The Student Union on the campus of UNC-Charlotte? Perfect place to go study, get Starbucks, go to the movies, and other things. When they built Northlake Mall, I was too happy to have another mall close to me. When the newest leg of I-485 opened a few years ago, I was happy to be out of traffic on I-85. These are all built on a solid foundation.


When you usually hear they statement that I have used as my topic, you think of these things: buildings, roads, amusement parks, and maybe some other things. However, have you really taken the chance to really think about how this effects you as a person? I’m pretty sure that has gotten the wheels in your brain turning and you are desperately trying to figure out what in the world I am talking about. Well, let me help you.


You think that you are constantly being surrounded by negative people and you just wish that they would leave you alone so that you can grow your foundation. Well, are you building a negative foundation? If you are constantly in a bad mood and not really feeling like enjoying any of the positive aspects in life, then more than likely, those same type of people are going to hang out around you.


On the other hand, if you are living a positive life and getting rid of the negativity that surrounds your being, then you are probably going to have positive people flock to you. Just because they want to be in your positive aura and foundation. Now positive people, not in any way am I telling you that everyday is going to be positive because we all have our moments. However, you have built a strong enough foundation to keep those consistently negative people away from you while you try to get back on track.


What am I trying to say to you? Build a love foundation. Build a hope foundation. Build a happiness foundation. Build peace a foundation. Build a respect foundation. Build a kindness foundation. Build whatever other things you can think of that will be seen in a positive light. Then, once you have built it, share it. Let other people see that love, hope, happiness, peace, respect, and other things that you have built. Your creation is a work of art and should be shared.


Build greatness! If you have already built something that is negative, tear it down and start over. You will be surprised at how many people leave you alone once they realize they cannot touch the great things that you have built around you. It all starts with a foundation. Whatever foundation you decide to build, know that those same people will come.


What are you building?


Shayla Em



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