June 07, 2023

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Flexible Dieting Is Where It Is At

Flexible Dieting is where it is at. STOP with the “bro science” dieting. All inspired by Layne Norton. If you do not know who that is???

For those of you who are new to flexible dieting dietinghere are aspects that need to be covered. Flexible dieting is just as misunderstood as the sport of bodybuilding itself. Bodybuilding is about pushing every day to make yourself better than you were the day before. But does this have to be limited to your physique? NO, the ideals that bodybuilding instills in us can carry through to the rest of our lives, our work effort, our confidence and our goal to be better. This probably seems a bit off topic, but the point is yet to come.

The task of becoming a bodybuilder takes an immense amount of dedication and effort.

It takes hours in the gym, days of meal prepping and carrying Tupperware everywhere! For some people missing events because of the food provided or the fear of the foo that may be presented in front of them… right? It doesn’t have to be that way. Flexible dieting or as most refer to it IIFYM (IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS) is a way to still reach your goals and still have some fun in life, after all you only get once chance! God gave us this life to fulfill to his glory and treat our mind, body, and soul as his temple.

The basic principle of IIFYM is to hit your daily macronutrient (protein/fats/carbs) goals above all else, and eating foods you enjoy to reach them. The misconception comes in that so called “clean eaters” think all you do is eat pop tarts all day. But this is far from the truth, although those who follow IIFYM do eat those foods because it’s enjoyable, those people also make sure that they hit their daily fiber goals and fit in micronutrient rich foods as well. On a daily basis the day is filled with egg whites, vegetables, whole wheat bread, and rice, but you can also indulge and have ice cream every day!

The body is designed to recognize energy sources, not the particular food sources that you’re eating.

Base your diet to fit your lifestyle and you are prone to be more successful as far as hitting goals, but most importantly YOU will have more fun!

The beauty of the flexible lifestyle is you no longer have to fear those events that you’d once avoid; go, have fun and keep an eye on the foods you intake track your macros and your body, and your life will be better for it.


Be Blessed,

Michelle S. Wiig

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