January 25, 2021

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Egypt Protests Sparks Women Rape Over Ousted President Mohamed Morsi

Women Raped, Violence, and Death Reported During Protests in Egypt Following the Unseating of Mohamed Morsi and New President of Egypt, Adly Mansour, Taking Power

Mohamed Morsi, 5th President of Egypt, belonging to the Freedom and Justice Party, had temporarily granted himself unlimited power to protect the Nation and the power to legislate without judicial oversight in late Mohamed MorsiNovember, 2012. On June 30th, 2013 mass protests erupted across Egypt calling for President Mohamed Morsi’s resignation. This was followed by the Egyptian Army’s threats that if the protesters demands were not met, it would build a roadmap for the country. The plan established by the military included suspending the constitution, dissolving Parliament, and establishing new administration headed by the Chief Justice. Morsi was declared unseated on July 3rd, 2013.

Egypt’s new President, Adly Mansour, asserted his power Saturday by naming Morsi’s chief rival, Mohamed ElBaradei, as Interim Prime Minister. The new President spoke with the Army Chief and the Interior Minister to work out strategies to stop the violence. Since the protest begin on July 30th over 75 people have been killed, 37 on Friday night alone. 1076 people have been reported injured. At least 169 women raped, 80 women raped on Wednesday night alone in the streets of Tahrir. The laws for sexual abuse are very unclear in Egypt and most cases go unreported and leave many Egyptian women without basic human rights. Two volunteer rescue groups, OpAntish and Tahrir Bodyguard, patrol the streets during protests and defend women using clubs and flamethrowers. They re-clothe the women and take them to safe-houses and hospitals. The mobs of men who target women during protests have been known to try to break down the doors of the safe-houses and assault the rescuers.

Morsi’s supporters and their opponents show no sign of backing down, as the violence in Egypt continues. Some of Morsi’s supporters have taken a blood oath to continue to fight with their lives until Mohamad Morsi is restored to power.

Written By Trina Longacre

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