October 20, 2020

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Don Cheadle Takes Role of Legendary Miles Davis

Don Cheadle takes on the role of Miles Davis. Miles Davis is one of the most prolific and influential Jazz Composers in music.

An innovative trumpet player and Jazz Icon. In the upcoming biopic “Miles Ahead” Don Cheadle stars as Miles

Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle

Davis, Co-Wrote the script and makes his Directorial Debut. The movie “Miles Ahead” focuses on one of the most turbulent times in Miles Davis’s life between 1976 and 1980. It was during this period in Miles Davis’s life when he was unable to play his horn or to compose due to a severe drug addiction. The title

Miles Dewey Davis III was born on May 26, 1926 in Alton Illinois. Miles Davis developed his earliest appreciation for music listening to the gospel music of the black church. Cleota Mae Davis (Miles’s mother) was a blues pianist and wanted her son to learn to play piano. At age 13 his father Miles Dewey Davis, Jr. gave his son a trumpet and Miles III began music lessons. This was to become his instrument of choice and in the following years he began to develop his style and advance as a musician. Miles Davis is widely considered on of the most influential musicians of the 20th Century. Miles Davis is certainly on of the greatest band leaders, composers and trumpet players in the world of Jazz and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. His music career spans from the early 1940’s to 1991. Miles Davis died on September 28, 1991 he was 65 years old. His legacy and influence on Jazz and music as we know it carries on till this day.

“Miles Ahead” is an album by Miles Davis that was released in 1957 by Columbia Records following “The Birth of Cool” sessions. In the movie “Miles Ahead’ Don Cheadle creates a fictional relationship between Miles Davis and a “Rolling Stone” reporter named Dave. The movie is set in the 70’s shifts between then to earlier points in his life.

Don Cheadle gives us a very in-depth look into the life of the Man the Myth of Miles Davis and gives a very credible performance. the movie premiered at “ new York’s Film Festival” in October 2015 ant is set to release April 1, 2016. The movie “Miles Ahead” will defiantly be on to catch in theaters and when released on DVD a must for your personal collection.

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