January 26, 2021

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Joseph Giampino AKA SPCL GST is the embodiment of musicality. Having played drums since his younger years, being self-taught on the piano and his general love and appreciation for music as an art, SPCLGST is a next level musician. Specializing in DJing, SPCLGST fuses his skillful turntablism, diverse music selection and stage presence to tailor a musical atmosphere for the likes of varied crowds.

Philadelphia, New York City, Charlotte and his current city Raleigh are places he has held down residencies working independently with Red Bull’s Music Academy and Scratch DJ Academy. SPCLGST is directly affiliated with the National Bboy League and his reputation for hosting BBoy battles throughout North Carolina earned him an invite to play for the 2010 National Bboy League finals in Arizona. He has shared the stage with many talents including Dj Kool Herc, Rob Swift, Jazzy Jeff, ZTrip, DJ Lord, DJ Flash, Little Brother, Treasure Fingers, Kill The Noise, and the Rose Buds to name a few.

SPCL GST explores all genres of music seamlessly blending them with artistic flair and a precise skill set. His educated knowledge of music of all types ensures a set list of ever changing, upbeat, mix-matched genre based entertainment, leaving any crowd’s musical appetite beyond satiated. Some would say that DJ’s play music, those that have had the pleasure to here him would disagree. It is evident when watching and listening to this Dj that the music is streaming through his soul to his turntables.

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