September 29, 2020

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Dj Polyvibe Joins Vyzion Elite DJ Team | LA Internet Radio

Dj Polyvibe has been djing for the past five years now, but has been studying the art of djing for the past 15 years running.

I have been in many nightclubs, house parties, and private events since becoming a mobile disc jockey. You Dj Polyvibecan listen to my dj mixes via Mixcrate and facebook, just search Dj Polyvibe. I enjoy entertaining crowd from all walks of life, music is an international language and should be played everyday and every minute in your life. The Dj industry has evolved throughout the years, from carrying crates of crowds to a mobile gig to developing cd’s to play at a function, and now dj’s have the opportunity to use there personal laptop to dj with. Dj Polyvibe believes not all dj’s are created equal, meaning it’s not about what kind of music you play but it’s how you are able to manipulate a track so a crowd can pack a dancefloor and rock out to it.

As an adult music is still apart of my life day in and day out, from analyzing tracks in my serato music library, to listening to classic songs compliments of you tube. I found myself still practicing on way’s to improve my dj skills while using my technic 1200 turntables. As a vinyl dj, I’m able to keep that old school feeling while using today’s technology to advance my techniques. My dj influences include Dj Chris karns, aka Dj Vajra, Dj Qbert, DJ AM, and Dj Jazzy Jeff, One dj that I would enjoy meeting one day would have to be DJ Craze. Dj Polyvibe often uses djing as a way to communicate with people he have never meet before but in a blink of a tune I’m able to drop some words of wisdom.

Being originally from Northern California, and Samoan Decent, not many people truly can relate to what kind of musical environment I’ve been surrounded by in my lifetime. Growing up in a Small Country town, listening to country music while, still being influenced by Hip Hop and all other music genres, Dj Polyvibe was always able to relate with fellows peers about certain songs being played on the LA Internet Radio waves.

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