April 04, 2020

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DJ LX Joins Vyzion Radio Elite DJ Team

DJ LX is an international phenom from Austin, TX. Dallas born, he has lived all over the world.

His places of residence, which span from the USA to Panama, have given him the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate musical styles from all over the world.DJ LX has [singlepic id=709 w=320 h=240 float=left]been infatuated with music for as long as he can remember. His influences range from classical composition to old and new hip-hop to alternative and rock & roll. Occasionally you might even hear him throw some country into his mixes; after all he is from Texas. While he is best versed in hip-hop house and trance, LX is one of the most well versed DJ’s around.

On top of his well-rounded musical preference and exemplary mixing style, DJ LX can also provide his own MC for any event. Together, the two are a deadly duo and always manage to get everyone on their feet. The chemistry between DJ LX and his MC is amazing, and their ability to read and interact with a crowd is simply out of this world.

Over the past 10 years, The Ying Yang Twins, Chamillionaire, UGK, Play and Skills, DJ Craze, Charles Feelgood, Tiesto, Black Eye Peas, Rob G, Bubba Sparxx, Trina, TI, A Trak, Dieselboy AK1200, Victor Dinaire,dj cobra,dj crooked and markus shulz have had the luxury of being on stage with DJ LX while performing on tours such as the Pepsi World Tour and Redbull World Tour. From Austin to UAE, Dallas to Argentina, and San Antonio to Las Vegas, DJ LX has routinely delivered amongst the who’s who of international celebrities. It is safe to say DJ LX is one of the most widely traveled, and well-respected DJ’s in the world. His reputation has superceded him time and time again, landing him residencies at nearly a dozen top-level dance clubs. DJ LX has even been given the opportunity to mix his own prime-time lunch hour session on one of Austin, Texas’ top hip-hop radio stations which is owned and operated by CBS Radio, Infinity Broadcasting, and Viacom.

DJ LX is no stranger to recognition. He has received special attention from radio stations, in print, and even on television. His ability to speak Spanish has even enabled him to receive special attention from international media such as Univision.

The popularity and commercial recognition of DJ LX is growing at a rate that no one could have expected. His fan base has reached a global level, and he sees no stop in the near future. DJ LX always finds time to interact with his fans, sign autographs, and pose for photo ops. He is an artist that is dedicated to his fans, and he promises that he will always remain this way.


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