August 10, 2020

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DJ Kid K Joins Vyzion Radio Elite DJ Team

DJ Kid K was born in Brunswick Maine and at the age of 4 was raised down in Florida. At the age of 14 he heard a radio station that played 80’s dance music every Saturday night that introduced beat mixing. Kid became DJ Kid Kenthralled and bought his first turntable at a flea market that had pitch control. The rest was history. DJ Kid K has been djing for 27 years. While being in the Air Force for almost 20 years, Kid has traveled all over and some how DJ at some of the finest clubs from Florida, Missouri, Arizona to Germany to Colombia. His passion for progressive and electro house and top 40 dance has projected him to new heights.

DJ Kid K has worked at several dance clubs and believes in the theory that DJing is for the people that want to move. Getting the feel of what the crowd wants is where it’s at. The dance club is where people need and want to unwind and move to the beat of the drum. DJ Kid K was the program director for an R&B station in Florida and introduced the 5 o clock traffic jam Mix every weekday and the Midnight Madness Hot Mix every Friday and Saturday nights. Some of his favorite influences are DJ Roonie G, Eric Prydz, Stonebridge, Paul Van Dyke, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, and Daft Punk. DJ Kid K now still produces mixes as a personal hobby, as well as using stutter effects on mixes, and spends time with his wonderful wife and kids in Colorado Springs. Take a listen to his mixes.. Guaranteed to make you move or raise your hands up in the air!!

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