August 05, 2020

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DJ Infinite Joins Vyzion Radio Elite DJ Team

DJ Infinite started over 15 years ago when he really started to get into DJ’ing and taking it serious.

DJ Infinite Infinitegot tired of going out and the music never being good, so DJ Infinite took action into my own hands and started messing around spinning at a few private parties. DJ Infinite would just start playing songs that He liked, and people would love everything he was playing for them.

What is funny is that DJ Infinite has always been into music, by staying up to date on all the new music. Also so many people would come to me to make them CDs well before he thought about being a DJ. Now that DJ Infinite started my own business and got more involved into DJ’ing, he has taken my passion to higher levels by teaching myself how to mix and scratch. DJ Infinite does Weddings, Parties, Anniversaries, Night Clubs/Bars, School Events, Family Reunions and anything else that needs music.

  • Name: DJ Infinite AKA Clean
  • Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Current Location: Atlanta, Georgia

  • DJ Experience: Club & Mobile DJ’ing
  • Tools: Serato Scratch Live (SL3), Pioneer MK3 1000 (CDJ Turntables), Technic 1210s (Vinyl Turntanbles), Pioneer DJM 400 (Mixer) & Pioneer DJM-600 (Mixer), Vestax Typhoon (Midi Controller)

    “I will take you everywhere when I’m on the 1s and 2s” – DJ INFINITE

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