DJ Connect The Best DJ From San Bernardio, California

What makes Johnny Godinez (DJ Connect) so unique? Perhaps it’s the incredible diversity of music he spins at every show. Born and raised in San Bernardino, California, DJ Connect has been recognized for his talents as a "DJ Connect"Percussionist/Drummer, Turntablist, Disc Jockey, Lighting Engineer, Audio Engineer, Music Producer and a “Certified Crowd Rocker Entertainer”.   As a kid he grew up listening to various styles of music which could explain why he is so knowledgeable with many fan favorites. “I love music, it’s in my blood.  From Old School, Funk, Disco, Classic Rock, 80’s Freestyle, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, 90’s Pop, Electro-House, Dubstep, Club Hits Remixes, to Mash-ups, and even a little bit of Country”. 

There is almost no genre in which DJ Connect will not spin. He has DJed at weddings, private formal events, pool parties, house/backyard parties, lounges and nightclubs. Today, DJ Connect works hard on developing new and creative projects. He is passionate about music and thrives on supplying various sounds to his fans. From old school to new school, there isn’t a crowd that DJ Connect can’t move on the dance floor.

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  Vyzion Radio Top 40 Mix Vol#1 by Johnny Connect Godinez

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