March 06, 2021

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Dj Bionicman Joins Vyzion Radio

Dj Bionicman joins Vyzion Radio to dominate Online Radio Market – Vyzion Radio is the leader in Free Radio

From the beginning some would say that Dj Bionicman had a knack for music. From going through his aunts , grandfathers and fathers albums
he showed interest in music from day one.

Through the years of his passion he collected well over 75,000 albums from BB KING, JIMI HENDRIX, STEVIE WONDER ; to even his favorite MISTER CEE “WHERES BROOKLYN AT” or FUNKMASTER FLEX “SIX MILLION WAYS TO DIE” nervous records. Dj Bionicman has djed overseas to “ALLSTAR” parties for the NBA. Dj Bionicman has also opened with DJ GREEN LANTERN ,KID CAPRI, DOO WOP, BIZ MARKIE, DJ KHALED, DJ DRAMA. Dj Bionicman has rocked venues such as THE MASION(MIAMI),ZOO BAR (DETROIT) ,MANHATTEN CENTER (NEW YORK),E3 (PHEONIX) ,THE GUVERMENT(TORONTO) ,CLUB BITTERSWEET (AMSTERDAMN) and the list goes on…

Dj Bionicman is currently on tour with songtress ADINA HOWARD as her official tour dj. Dj bionicman mix cds are on DATPIFF .com and in over 250 stores nationwide and 1000 of stores world wide. He has had Countless interviews and being frankly one of the few real djs in the game that still cuts and blends all types of music.

Dj Bionicman is currently attending school in the computer engineering field with hopes of using this new found knowledge to propel djs into the next millenium through computer programs and high tech devices. DJ Bionicman joins forces with DJ Ty aka Mr.Hiphopnc to dominate the raleigh nightlife scene.


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