March 23, 2023

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Dee Vee Joins Vyzion Radio Elite Model Team

Dee Vee started modeling about ten years ago through good old Dee VeeMyspace.  That is when she was first approached by photographers to do photo shoots when social media modeling was just starting.  At first Dee Vee was too scared and thought it was a scam.  Then she saw girls she knew with beautiful photos and thought “Wow I want that!”.  That lead to her first photoshoot.

Dee Vee loved the results and quickly lead to more photoshoots, then paid work, then publications.  She was in grad school at the time and thought what a fun, exciting way to make money between studying!! Now she is a full time model and does not regret that decision at all!! Dee Vee specializes in mostly glamour, lingerie, swimwear modeling.  However,she loves trying new things and can provide excellent fashion, editorial, beauty shots, concepts type of photos as well.  Her experience includes but is not limited to featured model on websites, events, car shows, radio appearances, tradeshows, model hosting, body paint/liquid latex model, clothing/swimwear/lingerie shows/advertisements, commercial experience, music videos, magazines, calendars, contests, pageants, catalog work, promotional work, and golf events/caddying. Dee Vee nationality since nobody can ever tell is German, Russian, Spanish, and Romanian.  This is where she gets her exotic looks from AND YES HER EYE COLOR AND BOOBS ARE REAL!!!!!

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Dee’s  biggest accomplishments include multiple well known glamour/swimwear magazines as calendar features, featured model, and cover model.  She has traveled as far as Vegas, Florida, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Hawaii for photoshoots.  She has also done product advertisements for well known swimwear and lingerie companies.  She has been featured on Maxim online and have worked both Maxim and FHM events.  However, she is most known for her tv performances.  She started off as lead extra on well known shows including Spike TV Inkmaster Season 2, NBC Do no Harm, and Style Network Jerseylicious to name a few. She is well known for her “ground breaking scene stealing, and controversial ” performance as cast member on Season 1 VH1 Dating Naked.  She was also a celebrity guest on NBC Universal show Crazy Talk interviewed by NY Live Host Ben Aaron.  She strives to stay active in the model world with more publications and exposure and trying to get as big as she can!! Unfortunately she had to turn down the role on this years Season 3 Dating Naked due to personal reasons. However, this isn’t the last you have seen or heard from her!!


Social Media Links:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/deestacy

Instagram: dee_stacy

Twitter: @deestacyvee

Model mayhem: #200896


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