October 20, 2020

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CM Punk UFC Debut Talk Sparks Cathal Pebred Twitter War

CM Punk
CM Punk has not made, he is UFC debut. Yet, but he’s going at it on Twitter with Cathal Pebred.

This all started when Cathal Pebred made some disrespectful comments about CM punk punching skills. Cathal Pebred stated on Twitter “CM punk on the pads,

CM Punk blasted on twitter I've made more money on my per diems alone than Cathal Pendred has in UFC
CM Punk

making me look like Mohammed Ali”. CM Punk didn’t take that too well . He replied “Ali wasn’t a boring twat. Sweet emojis. Focus more on you, maybe you’ll win a fight without a gift from the judges”. Cathal Pebred came back with. “ I’ve actually won 17 professional fights, how many have you won”? CM Punk responded with “zero, but I know you’re supposed to put the guy you’re fighting to sleep, not the audience. F&^% off”.

Cathal Pebred later came back with “wow! Somebody just told me CM stands for chick magnet. Chick magnet punk #. Go figure”. CM Punk responded by quickly by tweeting, “I’ve been called out by everyone. I’m an easy target. You are a coward and a pussy. Should you call out somebody in the top 10”? @Pendred then CM Punk went on by saying , “’I’ve made more money on my per diems alone than Cathal Pendred has in UFC”. Cathal Pebred tweeted “All the money in the world won’t change the fact that you a sad little prick is pretending to be a fighter”.
You might wonder if this is just a lot of marketing to hype up CM Punk debut fight in the UFC. This September is supposed to be his first rumored time fighting in the UFC. Fight or not the twitter promo seems to be working and get a lot of attention throughout the UFC world and mixed martial arts fans. It is yet to be seen if CM Punk can make his transition from the WWE to the UFC and back all of that twitter talk up. What you think?

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