August 10, 2020

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Chris Huston Pop/R&B recording artist Sneak Peek album “M.A.D.E”

Chris Huston:Upon the release of his first album “M.A.D.E”, Pop/R&B recording artist Chris Huston cultivates sound that resonates with confidence, hunger, and success.

Huston Chris Huston grapples with his sense of self in an art form of music that is reflective of the moment, as he enters the beginning stages of his career in the midst of new junctures in his life. Huston, already a widely recognized artist, builds upon his signature sound that derives from within.

Born December 15, 1986 in Houston, TX, this Houston native knows what it takes to not only make great music, but to build a fan base of very diverse people.

Chris Huston exploded onto the scene after completing his first song “Futuristic Lover”.

The first performance he was booked for was at the House of Blues. The room was packed from wall to wall. Soon thereafter, people were offering him spots to perform at their venues. Each and every time, Huston drew in crowds by the masses. After recording “Turn Ya Body On,” (produced by Super Producer T.A.) the song blew up all over the internet. It was never meant to be released to the public just yet but a DJ got a hold of it and from Houston to Hong Kong every music website had his song available for immediate download. The feedback behind the song was immense.

After releasing “Turn Ya Body On” the music video in late 2013, the video received thousands of views in a matter of days. The production of the video sent major chatter throughout the Houston music scene. People had never seen someone from their local area create such a video on a major artist scale from an independent artist

. Chris Huston has clearly created his own lane. He is one of the very few artists in Houston and in a grander scale Texas, who is not doing what some would think is typical Houston.

Song “Power Up” has become an instant success and with the advocacy of DJ Tony Styles, “Power Up” took to the airwaves playing on 104.1 KRBE. This song is voted most favorable by every demographic of music listeners. From elementary students to hip hop industry executives, “Power Up” is a dynamic feel good chart topper. Huston strives for perfection. He knows that it is not about just being at the right place at the right time, but having actual talent to show. Chris Huston has built a strong network of the right movers and shakers in the industry because his character is 100% genuine.

Currently, Huston is working on his album “M.A.D.E.” which stands for “Making A Dream Everything.” The inspiration for the title derives from his idea that everyone is capable of achieving their dream no matter where they come from.

In 2014, Huston plans on directing and producing more of his own videos on a major production scale. Huston is a passionate artist who does not take ‘no’ for an answer. He is a man of God that has truly been blessed with great talent For more information:




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