April 13, 2024

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Charles Manson Marriage Afton Elaine Burton Update

AFTON ELAINE BURTON and CHARLES MANSON received a marriage license late last year with hopes of getting married Charles Mansonwithin 90 days.

The couple wanted to stage a wedding in the California State Prison. Weddings are not held through the week at the prison so their last chance was this pass weekend. What we like to call a marriage from hell it did not take place. The license will now expire this Thursday.


AFTON ELAINE BURTON the 20 year old woman who goes by the nickname STAR said she will marry CHARLES MANSON and is deeply in love with him. In fact, AFTON ELAINE BURTON moved from her Illinois home and has spent the past 9 years living next to the Central California prison. Apparently, letting the license expire indicates BURTON intends on taking CHARLES MANSON’S last name when they marry.


CHARLES MANSON became a notorious leader in 1969 to a family of young killers. Follower SUSAN ATKINS died of cancer behind bars, but LESLIE VAN HOUTEN and PATRICIA KRENWINKEL remain imprisoned. So do CHARLES “TEX” WATSON, BRUCE DAVIS and ROBERT BEAUSOLEIL, who is expected to have a parole hearing Feb. 19. MANSON is eligible for parole on 2027. CHARLES MANSON was convicted and found guilty for killing 7 people, including pregnant actress SHARON TATE, the wife of ROMAN POLANSKI.


AFTON ELAINE BURTON, who continues to expose MANSON’S innocence, has not responded to recent requests seeking comments on the relationship according to MSN NEWS. Not long after retaining the license late last year, she told The Associated Press the nuptials were imminent: “Ya’ll can know that it is true, It’s going to happen,” BURTON said in November. JAMES MCGRATH, a New York City photo agency editor, said that he maintains contact with BURTON and that she intends to obtain another 90-day license and marry CHARLES MANSON.


If the couple can get a New Kings Marriage license they will indeed be married soon.


What’s your thoughts on this?





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