February 29, 2020

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Chance Jolivette Drops Another Mixtape

Chance Jolivette is most proud of his 12 In The Fiscal hiphop mixtape series.  He did a hiphop mixtape every month for a year and during that time "Chance"Chance released a project entitled “Death of Smoove” where he dropped his rap name Smoove and started going by his real name.  

Chance has dropped a lot more mixtapes since then. They consist of “The Calm Before the Storm”, “Now or Never” and “Moonwalking”.

This year he has dropped a few EPs on iTunes called “Love (Love Out Shine Violence and Evil)”, Diary of a Broke Ni**a and Penthouse Dreams. Soon Chance will be dropping a mixtape on iTunes  called, “No Dayz Off”. That should be dropped by the end of the year. All this since 2005.

Chances journey in the hiphop music business has been heart breaking and satisfying. He has been able to work with a lot of people

.Chance has gained interest from different individuals from different places that actually see his vision and drive and actually invest time and energy in what he does. Matt Britton from London is the main person that promotes Chance in Louisiana. Chance feels like you have to buy your way in the hiphop industry to advance instead of just making it on talent alone. He is absolutely right. The industry makes it very hard for individuals to “Make” it. So instead of making it in “The Hiphop Industry” I advise artists to make it for themselves. The hiphop industry notices you when you have a huge following and work already done. That’s it. It’s about money not talent and if you can’t make them money than they don’t want you. This has made


very skeptical because he has had people tell him they were going to do things for him and never kept their word.

Chance admires Master P because he was the 1st from his state to show that you can make it from there. He has respect for 2Pac that was his biggest influence. Also jay-Z and Nas, they influenced him lyrically. He like the hiphop business minds of 50 Cent, Diddy and Rick Ross. The new people Chance admires are Kendrick Lamars, Curren4ies, Big Krits and Mac Miller.

In 5 years Chance sees himself touring and spreading his hiphop music world wide and doing what he loves. He also sees himself going back to school furthering his education.

Chances advice for upcoming hiphop artists is to study and learn as much as you can. Grind hard and don’t copy anyone.  He says try to learn who you are as an artist by bringing something different to the table.  If it’s for you than your time will come so be prepared.

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